In this week’s bandcamp adventures, we’ll be looking at music with the “Post Hardcore” tag! Enjoy!

– 1 –

LIGHTSOUT – Fighting Chance

Dortmund, Germany

tags: metalcore, metal, hardcore, punk, melodic hardcore, metallic hardcore, post hardcore

Metalcore / Post Hardcore / Melodic hardcore more on the “traditional” Post Hardcore side of things.


– 2 –


Cortez, Colorado

tags: alternative, pop punk, post hardcore

“Poppier” post hardcore that fans of Dance Gavin Dance and most Blue Swan Records bands would definitely enjoy.

– 3 –

The Modern World, A Battlefield – THEREFORE I AM

Boston, Massachusetts

tags: punk, emo, hardcore, post hardcore

Post Hardcore from Boston that has a sort of melodic hardcore vibe (vocally).


– 4 –

Klienkitein – Afraid of Sheep

Abensburg, Germany

tags: dynamic range, post hardcore, punk, metal, sheepcore, melodic hardcore

I wasn’t expecting much because of the album art (I’m a really judgmental person when it comes to album art and the quality of the music) but was pleasantly surprised. It kind of reminds me of something you could find as an intro to some anime. Which isn’t a bad thing at all.

–5 –

Almost Lifelike – Shadowplay

Mount Laurel, New Jersey

tags: alternative, rock, indie rock, post hardcore, post rock

Prog rock with pretty grungy vocals. They cover a lot of ground with this and fans of Eidola (or really any of the blue swan bands) will definitely dig this.


– 6 –

Trenchwarmer – Sometimes Sentinel

Tampa, Florida

tags: punk rock, hardcore, post hardcore

Featuring ex members of Skyway on Fire, Underoath, Anam Cara and Lo, this release is pretty good. Definitely give it a listen.


– 7 –

Two Songs – Human After All

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

tags: alternative, emo, post hardcore, screamo

I can never go wrong with emo post hardcore. Especially good emo post hardcore. Like this. There are breakdowns too. Breakdowns are fam.


– 8 –

Love Will Find You – The Tourists


tags: alternative, rock, emo, indie, post hardcore

More on the indie/alt rock side of things. A really solid album that you should check out.


– 9 –

In my blood – Suffocate for fuck sake


tags: alternative, post hardcore, post rock, screamo

I have no idea what the lyrics mean at times but it’s really ambient post hardcore stuff. Kinda downtempo at parts. It’s different. It’s good. Check it out.


–10 –

Sustenance – Glume

Plainfield, New Jersey

tags: pop punk, post hardcore, punk, rock

More on the pop punk vibes, but more “punk-ish” pop punk. It was cool, it was tagged with post hardcore, I wanted it on the list.


– 11 –

Hang Glider EP – her mana

Tucson, Arizona

tags: pop punk, punk, emo, indie, math rock, post hardcore

Kinda mathy post hardcore. Like Fearless Leader. Check it out!

– 12 –

2016 EP – Wear Me Out

Perth, Australia

tags: punk, emotional hardcore, hardcore, melodic hardcore, post hardcore, screamo

Emotional Hardcore more on the Post Hardcore side of things.


– 13 –

slow burn – old gray

New Hampshire

tags: rock, emo, hardcore, post hardcore, punk, screamo

This is one of those bands my friends have told me to check out time after time (and me being my lazy self never really got around to it. Sorry Noah, I’m a bad friend) but I saw they had new music so I gave it a shot… And this band is GREAT. There’s only one song for this release (so far) but check out their back catalog for sure.


– 14 –

Always Hurts – Paper Wounds

Hof, Germany

tags: alternative, emo, punk, hardcore, indie rock, post hardcore, shoegaze

Indie Rock / Shoegazey Post Hardcore! It’s emo! Listen to it.


–15 –

As Well (Thin) / Draw a Heart for Me – Good Hope Vanilla

Northborough, Massachusetts

tags: alternative, alternative rock, post rock, post hardcore, indie rock, shoegaze

Softer post hardcore of the indie / post rock variety. Definitely worth your time.