Bandcamp is a wonderful place. It’s basically the etsy of the music scene and I’ve spent countless hours just searching through various tags finding new, up and coming bands. As such, I will be compiling a list every week of my latest “Bandcamp Adventures”. This week’s list will be focused on music with the “Emotional Hardcore” tag. Enjoy!

*These aren’t in an order of best to worst, just the order that I found and listened to them*

– #1 –

From Columbus, OH, Things Fall Apart delivers a familiar take on the melodic hardcore genre.

FFO: That Night Forests Grew, Storyteller, Purity, Counterparts, Being as an Ocean


– #2 –

I’m starting to think Aussie bands can do no wrong. Autumn, from Canberra Australia, certainly adds to that stereotype.

FFO: Purity, Counterparts, Hundredth


– #3 –

From Singapore, Parenthesis plays a very familiar take on emotional hardcore. But still manage to stand on their own.

FFO: Purity, That Night Forests Grew, Ghost of a Dead Hummingbird


– #4 –

Thisismenotthinkingofyou delivers an aggressive, emotional sound that fans of chaotic music will be sure to love.

FFO: emoviolence!


– #5 –

Old Poet, from Indianapolis, Indiana, showcase how heavy emotional hardcore could be on their debut album “They Called It Art”

FFO: Counterparts, Hundredth, Vanna


– #6 –

From Bonn, Germany, betray your idols plays a very familiar take on melodic hardcore.

FFO: Being as an Ocean and Storyteller


– #7 –

Whittled Down, from New York, shares some very emotional music on their album, “Commonwealth: Our Old Songs”.

FFO: Purity, Storyteller, Being as an Ocean


– #8 –

Greaver plays this cool blend of progressive post hardcore and melodic hardcore. Which if you know me, means that I am 9001% behind this band (Thanks Trent).

FFO: Being as an Ocean with more progressive songwriting


– #9 –

Emotional Hardcore from Germany in German?! Sign me up! .leaves is an emotional hardcore band from Jena Germany and this really makes me regret not taking more German classes.

FFO: Counterparts, Hundredth, Capsize


– #10 –

Libido Wins is a melodic hardcore / screamo band from Hungary. They’re pretty great. You should listen to them!

FFO: Storyteller, Purity, That Night Forests Grew, Ghost of a Dead Hummingbird


– Compilation –