In this week’s Bandcamp Adventures, we’ll be taking a look at music with the “Indie Pop” tag! I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone this week. But I also didn’t want to go too far out there. Indie Pop crosses over a lot with emo and alternative music so I figured it would be a nice place to start broadening my horizons. Hope you enjoy!

*Since this is kind of out of my comfort zone (musically) there won’t be any FFO this week*

– #1 –

While it’s just one track (for now) Flower Crown absolutely blew me away with their single “Sunflowers”.


– #2 –

Harbour is definitely what I thought of initially when I decided to look through Indie Pop music on bandcamp. Which isn’t a bad thing, definitely give these dudes a listen!


– #3 –

Strawberry Blonde has some diverse music on this release. Some more upbeat songs, some slower songs, and trumpets (which is honestly the way to my heart with music because of that band geek life).


– #4 –

Martha is some fun indie inspired pop punk stuff that I’ve found myself listening to a few times a day since I discovered them.


– #5 –

An indie pop split (with a little tiny bit of emo)! Which is my favorite thing because I can show you two cool bands with one spot on the list! Check out PACEMAKER and Wrinkle!


– #6 –

Really chill poppy stuff from Charleston, SC. Tape Waves was really relaxing and refreshing to listen to.


– #7 –

I didn’t realize just how old this release was (2002) but Demain‘s “Exposed” is a really great release that you should definitely give a listen!

– #8 –

This two track release is really calming and chill! ISLAND is a great band and I’m glad I found them!


– #9 –

Civvil released this cool EP of Japanese pop covers!


– #10 –

Milkmustache  is a shoegaze/indie band I found a while ago that I absolutely had to include!

– Compilation –