With new Blink-182 as well as a slew of pop punk bands cropping up everywhere, Pop Punk is most definitely dead. Not really, it’s the opposite. While I’m by no means a pop punk expert, I’ve been known to posi jump and write songs about my friends and home town from time to time. As such, here are some cool pop punk bands I’ve found on bandcamp that tickled my fancy!

– 1 –

Distances – Carry Me

Melbourne, Australia

tags: alternative, pop punk

A very “sad boy” pop punk. They still retain the positive sounding pop punk/posi jump enducing instrumentals but the lyrical content is definitely emo. Plus they’re from Australia. So you know they’re gonna be good.


– 2 –

Alicewell – YOUNG HEARTS

Eskilstuna, Sweden

tags: pop punk, alternative, alternative rock, pop

This band wouldn’t be out of place at all on a tour with Hands Like Houses. Not just because their music is slightly reminiscent of HLH’s sound, but because their music stands on its own.


– 3 –

Heavenfaced – To Keep You Safe

Chicago, Illinois

tags: alternative, emo, grunge, pop punk, post hardcore, rock

From Chicago, Illinois, Heavenfaced is very reminiscent of the wonder years at times. They say that you’ll dig their music if you like bands like: Thrice, Balance & Composure, and Have Mercy. So if you like those bands, check them out (but check em out anyway)!


– 4 –

Small Falls – This Distance EP

Phoenix, Arizona

tags: alternative, pop punk, alternative rock, punk, rock

If you had any qualms about the first three bands being pop punk, this band should make you have faith in this list. In the first phrase of their track “Distance” they mention being far away from their home town. Which as far as stereotypical pop punk jokes goes, is pretty fucking pop punk.


– 5 –

Define Irony – I Just Hope Everyone Is Okay

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

tags: alternative, alternative rock, hardcore, pop punk, post hardcore, pop

It’s kind of emo, it’s also got some post rock vibes. But it’s mainly alternative/pop punk. Just listen for yourself, they’re good!


– 6 –

Hold Close – I Was Never Meant To Stay

Springfield, Missouri

tags: pop punk, alternative, punk, alternative rock

This band encapsulates the sound that I love in pop punk bands. The vocals have that “typical” pop punk sound (which isn’t bad at all). If you like pop punk, you’ll probably like these guys.


– 7 –

Pinky Swear – I Told You I Was Sick EP

Frankfurt, Germany

tags: acoustic, indie, pop, pop punk, punk, singer-songwriter

Some acoustic pop punk! Which is always good, because acoustic music is great. Check it out!


– 8 –

Andy & Joe – I’m Sorry I Suck

San Diego, California

tags: acoustic, emo, indie, indie pop, pop punk

A mix of acoustic and non acoustic music (but mainly acoustic). It’s super emo too, and the track “1997” has a very twinkly emo sound.

– 9 –

Derek Zuk – Memory

Richmond, Virginia

tags: alternative, pop punk, rva, rock, indie rock, melodic, pop punk, pop rock

Very punk rock sounding. But more pop punk than punk rock. It’s a very familiar, nostalgic sound.

– 10 –

Starters – A Picture Fading

Dublin, Ireland

tags: emo, pop punk, hardcore, punk

It has some melodic hardcore-esque instrumental builds (the first track being the perfect example). Which fits because it’s really emo. But also pop punk. I love it.


– 11 –

FREEPORT – Moving Forward

Dayton, Ohio

tags: easycore, pop punk, punk, pop rock, pop, post hardcore

It’s easycore, it sounds super pop punk, just listen to it.

– 12 –

Parkwood – Selfish

Hammonton, New Jersey

tags: alternative, alternative rock, emo, emotional hardcore, post rock, pop punk

Super post rock inspired hardcore/alternative rock. It’s really emo too. So if you know me, you know I’m 100% about that life. They don’t disappoint.


– 13 –

Time for Plan B – Когда гаснут огни

Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia

tags: emo punk, pop punk, punk

It’s Russian pop punk. Which for some reason I didn’t think was a thing, but it is and this pleases me. A lot. Let me just sit here for a minute…


– 14 –

Forest Life – Sleep This Off

Columbia, Missouri

tags: alternative, pop punk, acoustic, emo, indie, synth

Acoustic pop punk!  I love acoustic music (especially acoustic pop punk music). It’s really solid too, so give it a listen!


– 15 –

From the Archives – Getting Better

Trenton, New Jersey

tags: emo, indie, pop punk, punk, alternative

Pop punk with emo and indie vibes (which has honestly been most of this list) that won’t disappoint!