Album Art for Degeneraterra by Eidola

Recently during Chain Fest, I had the chance to sit down with my friend Andrew Wells, vocalist in Eidola, and on that particular day, guitarist for Dance Gavin Dance. Eidola is signed to Blue Swan Records and currently has two full-length releases under their belt. Their latest release, Degeneraterra, was dropped on May 5, 2015 through BSR and is quickly approaching the two year mark. Needless to say, everyone who missed the Eidola shows this year has been thirsty for an update. Andrew filled me in on what’s been going on with the Eidola guys and you can read all about it below:

TC: How are things on the Eidola front lately?

AW: “They’ve been busy and hectic recently, but it’s all for the greater good. We finished writing our new album before I started this tour with Dance Gavin Dance so the guys have just been rehearsing non-stop since I left to prepare for recording.”

TC: You just finished out a tour with Hail the Sun and Belle Noire recently. How did that run go? Do you have any other touring plans this year?

AW: “That run was killer. We were already homies with Hail The Sun from previous shows and labelship, and we became best friends with Belle Noire on that tour. Touring with good friends make the hardships of touring way more manageable.”


TC: We heard two new songs, “Abstract” and “The Familiar”, being played on that run. Can we assume we’ll hear new music soon?

AW: “Yes! 12 new songs to be exact. We’re recording in November.”

TC: So you’re currently out with DGD as a touring guitarist. How’d that opportunity come about?

AW: “Will [Swan] called me up one day and said “Hey, do you want to play guitar for DGD on our upcoming 10 Year Tour?” and I said “Sure”. He saw me write and record Eidola, he knows I’ve toured a bit, so he assumed I could learn the parts and hang. Over a year later, here we are on the Mothership tour, so far so good.”

TC: What are Eidola’s plans for the rest of the year moving forward with the new record?

AW: “No tours obviously, no time left this year. But we’ve got a lot of great things in the works for 2017.”

TC: What producer/studios will you be working with to track out the record?

AW: “The new album will be done with Dryw Owens on engineering, production, and mixing. And I believe we’re going to get [Kris] Crummett to master this one as well.”

TC: How far along in the writing process are you?

AW: “We have pre-production completed for 12 songs at the moment. Who knows though? We might come up with a couple more ideas before we record.”


TC: Can you tell us about your writing process approaching the new record?

AW: “Usually I will write a skeletal structure for each song first and then bring it to our drummer Matt to go over with a fine tooth comb. [By skeletal, I mean the first guitar, lyrics, melodies, and format]. Then once it’s been solidified and edited we’ll bring it to the rest of the guys and collaborate together on what will sound the best.”

TC: What do you typically do if you get stuck writing a part, whether lyrically or musically?

AW: “Stop playing and come back to it later. If the idea is good it will stick and get worked out eventually, if I don’t remember them or give up than the idea wasn’t that good in the first place.”

TC: How much of the (new) music thus far have you personally had a direct hand in writing?

AW: “All of it. There’s not a single idea I don’t at least get consulted on. I’m picky about a lot of shit, but there’s never any weird tension about it. It just kind of happens that way.”


TC: Degeneraterra was a concept-based record. Will this album head in a similar direction?

AW: “Yes and no. This album takes a lot of Degeneraterra‘s overarching concepts and condenses them into something a little more practical. There are still vast amounts of spiritual, metaphysical, and historical references in the content, I just feel like it’s presented in a more approachable way for the listener. Each song has it’s own voice and they work together to make this album something special.”

TC: If any concepts apply, what will they be?

AW: “I talk about a lot of personal content in addition to an overarching concept that is pretty meditation/mandala focused. Basically if Degeneraterra was the book Be Here Now by Ram Dass, then the new album will be Grist For The Mill. A more personal, practical application to existential living.”

TC: Are they strictly lyrical or does it extend to the musical structure as well?

AW: “Both for sure. All the way down to some Tibetan mantra chanting and use of solfeggio frequencies.”

TC: Last question, when do you foresee the record coming out?

AW: “Hopefully spring of 2017 if everything goes smoothly.”

Be sure to catch Eidola live on December 11th at the Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood for the second annual Night of the Blue Swan! Get your tickets HERE!


Check out Eidola‘s current releases, Degeneraterra and The Great Glass Elephant, below.
Andrew is currently out on tour with Dance Gavin Dance in support of their new record, Mothership. Check in later for more info on Eidola and the new record!