In this week’s Bandcamp Adventures we’ll be taking a look at music with the “Math Rock” tag. Math rock is a genre that typically features guitars heavily and is fairly rhythmically complex (hence math rock). Some are more complex than others, but each math rock band is fairly intricate in their own right. If you dig bands such as Chon, Save us From the Archon, TTNG, and toe, this week’s Bandcamp Adventures are for you.

– #1 –

A fun blend of Math Rock, Indie, Emo, and Jazz this is definitely something you won’t want so sleep on.

FFO: Chon and American Football


– #2 –

A math rock/core two piece from Portland, OR.

FFO: The Number 12 Looks Like You (kinda)


– #3 –

Emo, indie, math rock that you’ll probably love.

FFO: American Football


– #4 –

An instrumental experimental/progressive/mathy post rock band from Salt Lake City.

FFO: Explosions in the Sky, Sigur Rósand For a Minor Reflection


– #5 –

An instrumental progressive and mathy post rock band from Minneapolis.

FFO: Explosions in the Sky, Sigur Rós, and For a Minor Reflection

– #6 –

A fun indie rock band from Portland, OR with mathy elements.

FFO: New LungsMeteor City, and American Football


– #7 –

A kinda folky indie band with some math rock elements thrown in. And also trumpets.

FFO: American Football


– #8 –

An experimental progressive rock band from Ottawa, Ontario.

FFO: Moving MountainsThe Butterfly Effect, and Karnivool


– #9 –

Emo math rock from St. Louis, Missouri.

FFO: New Lungs, Ghost of a Dead Humming Bird, and Forever Losing Sleep


– #10 –

A blend of emotional hardcore stuff with math rock and indie music.

FFO: Storyteller, Chon, and Forever Losing Sleep