This is the first installment for a new series on Teal Cheese in which we take a look at our favorite artists’ top 10 albums. These lists are in no particular order and serve to show the music that influences these musicians.
Tim Feerick is the bass player of Dance Gavin Dance, a post hardcore favorite of ours. With a new album in the works and a U.K. tour on the horizon, he’s been keeping busy. Until he can shed some light on the new record and what’s in store for fans for the rest of the year, here are his Top 10 Favorite Albums:

1. The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds
 “A masterpiece I’ll never grow tired of. Every time I listen to this I hear new instrumentation and vocal melodies. Any music lover should be able to appreciate this album.”

2.The Beatles- Abbey Road

“The Beatles still had so much attitude in 1969. This album is filled with some of the best songs of their career and the guitars reach new heights on songs like “The End”.”

3. The Velvet Teen- Cum Laude!

“This is a truly experimental record with megaphone vocals, untamed synths, grinding bass lines, and textured drum parts that sound like nothing else I’ve ever heard. In 2006 it really bent my ideas of what songwriting and rock music was for the best.”

4. Fleet Foxes- Helplessness Blues

“I was never big on folk music but this album is in a similar vain as Pet Sounds for me. Vocal arrangements are out of this world as well as the acoustic instrumentation. Robin Pecknold’s voice strikes an emotional chord.”

5. Tame Impala- Lonerism 

“Kevin Parker’s voice sounds like the reincarnation of John Lennon but the songwriting and instruments are far from the Beatles music. I always refer to this album for my favorite drum sounds and spontaneous guitar riffs.”

6. Phil Collins- Face Value 

“I bought this on a cassette tape as a joke and fell in love with it. Powerhouse vocals and lots of funky horns and trumpets following his unique drum style. PC is no joke.”

7. Kanye West- My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy 

“I was never a huge Kanye fan before this but this is such a complete masterpiece. Samples like a King Crimson drum fill or a Bon Iver vocal shows Kanye is pulling in sounds with diverse music knowledge to create something new.”

8. Death Grips- Exmilitary 

“I still remember hearing “Guillotine” for the first time and seeing the band days later at a bar called Townhouse. I think this record is a game changer for too many reasons to list. Just listen to “Takyon” on a good stereo.”

9. Paul McCartney- Band On The Run

“My favorite post-Beatles solo album because it sounds like it could have been one of their albums. McCartney plays drums as well as bass/guitar/piano/vocals on this album and that captures his music sensibility in a fascinating way.”

10. Circa Surive- Juturna 

“Last but by no means least Juturna. It’s hard to describe the magic of this album but this came out when I was 17 and blew my mind. It established Circa’s unique style and ended up influencing a lot of musicians (myself included). I see this record only getting better with time.”

**Photo courtesy of Mind Equals Blown Photography.