Dwellings, an unsigned (but probably not for much longer) rock band from Modesto, California, is a band that you need to acquaint  yourself with. Now. Lame attempts at peer pressure aside, this band has become my latest obsession. Having only their debut single “Lemonade” to listen to for the better part of two months was rough. But today, the band dropped their latest single, “Foreverest”. Both tracks are off of their upcoming debut EP “Lavender Town” which is produced and mixed by Josh Benton (ex Dance Gavin Dance) and mastered by Kris Crummet (known for his work with ISSUES and Dance Gavin Dance). Having shared the stage with bands like Sianvar, Being as an Ocean, Hotel Books, Icarus the Owl, and a show coming up soon with Secret BandStolas, and Hail the Sun (Cop tickets to that show HERE), they are sure to explode (even more) into the scene.

dwellings-lemonadeTheir first single, “Lemonade”, is a track that will be easily accessible to fans of bands like Dance Gavin DanceSianvarHail the Sun, and A Lot Like Birds (or just progressive/experimental post hardcore in general). Being a more “typical” experimental/progressive post hardcore track, this one should click fairly well with anyone who is a fan of the above bands. As a whole the band is focused on incredibly tasteful guitar work and incredibly catchy, soulful vocal lines. The drums and bass parts don’t fall flat though and everything comes together perfectly. This track is definitely the “heavier” of the two singles out now, with a bit of screaming around halfway through the track. Some of the vocal lines (and by some I mean most) are definitely going to end up worming their way into your head at some point or another. I’ve probably been singing the opening lines “Lemonade, beckoning out What a treacherous person that you doubt” over and over after listening to this track for the first time.




“One of the hardest things we can ever experience is a passing,” says vocalist Isaac Wilson. “Seeing your loved ones hurt and mourn is also very difficult to cope with, and it is what inspired the lyrics to Foreverest.”



Their most recent single, “Foreverest” showcases a much softer side than their first single. Partly because of the lack of screaming, but also because the instrumentals themselves are less “post hardcore” than “Lemonade”. Instead, they’re much more emo or post rock-ish. The lyrics are also more (openly) emotional than the lead single. And, like before, these vocal melodies will get stuck in your head (the track came out yesterday and it’s already in there, pray for me).


Be sure to keep an eye out for more announcements from them about their EP “Lavender Town”!

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Dwellings is:

Isaac Wilson – Vocals/Guitar

Mason Tarry – Guitar

Anthony Pacheco – Bass

Forrest Evans – Drums