12065703_940115916044888_9196536089387851088_nB: How has the Sianvar tour been so far?

S: “This tour has been great. It’s weird because Sianvar is a side project first, and second, we only have five songs that we’ve released. So it’s interesting that people are coming out. We kind of get it, I mean there’s Will from Dance Gavin Dance, Donny from Hail the Sun, me and then Joe and Mikey from A Lot Like Birds. But, even with that being said we only have like five songs. So it’s been incredible because so many people have been coming out to say us the only five songs that we know that they know. And then two of our new songs.”

B: As far as that goes, have there been any shows that have been your favorites?

S: “Texas was great. Texas has been incredible, Texas is always incredible. We played Anaheim at Chain Reaction that was a really, really fun show. But Texas always kills it, it’s always surprising in Texas because we expect it to be cool, and we always get blown out of the water.”

B: How has recording the album been going? Is tracking done?

S: “Bass and drums are done, they’re completely done. I start next Monday. So next Monday I go in to record the whole album.”

B: I know it’s kind of early but is there any ETA for a release date?

S: “I hope January or February.”

B:Going off of you saying that Texas is always awesome, I know the music group Hemisphere there are a lot of people from Texas there. Has there been a visible impact on Blue Swan Records’ growth or any blue swan band’s growth just because of groups or groups like it?

S: “Hemisphere?”

B: Yeah.

S: “Yes and no, because Hemisphere is about – I love Hemisphere – Hemisphere is not just about post hardcore, it’s about everything. Which is why I love it. Uh but Hemisphere has been a big help, and we have the Blue Swan Broadcast that helps a lot too. But Hemisphere has been great. I see a lot of people sharing this type of music and our type of bands the loosely coined ‘Swancore’ that gets thrown around. But it’s pretty cool. But I really appreciate Hemisphere. 

Jacob “Bread” Martinez I’ve seen him a couple of times in San Antonio, he’s a good guy. I dunno if I’ve ever met Mark who started the group. But great people and really, really great group.”

B: Awesome! I actually started listening to Stolas after seeing you guys mentioned in Hemi.

S: “Nice!”

B: Speaking of Stolas, would you say that Stolas will have another tour before the next album cycle?

S: “No, I can confidently say that Stolas won’t be touring until we have new music. Or at least written and recorded. Before release or after release, but Stolas is going through some big changes in writing and re-working. Just some major planning. We have a lot of planning to do. And right when I get home – I’m not touring anymore after this tour. I’m recording the Sianvar album, and then we’re going right to writing Stolas’ new music.”

B: Awesome! For the last question, is there any medium as far as distributing music that you prefer like BandCamp, iTunes, physical copies at show?

S: “It’s a collection of all of those things, because not one of them is incredible that outshines the other. YouTube is great, you don’t have to buy anything you can just stream anything. But all of it is great as a collective. There are companies like TuneCore or CD Baby that help distribute. But all of them as a collective, not one of them are great by itself. They’re all incredible, but I feel like your music should be on as many platforms, Spotify, iTunes, BandCamp, YouTube. All of those getting pushed. That way someone who doesn’t necessarily appreciate YouTube or Spotify could still share it on iTunes or BandCamp. And it’s familiar to somebody. But I don’t prefer and I’m not too exclusive with any one of those. I think they’re all incredible on their own but their all necessary.”

B: Going off of that is there one that you use personally the most?

S: “YouTube is a big one for me, but mainly groups like Hemisphere. I see a lot of people posting in the Blue Swan Broadcast about new music that they have heard. Word of mouth pretty much that people are sharing.”

B: Awesome, thank you again for taking the time to do this!

S: “Of course!”

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* Photos by Michael-Rex Carbonell (@brownmetal)