Stolas just finished tracking for their third full length album last month. This accomplishment didn’t come without it’s fair share of obstacles. Line up changes, van issues, and last minute changes that shifted the course of their journey from California to New York.
Now that the recording is done, fans patiently await the first teaser for what is going to be one of the best albums of the year.
While we wait on new material, I spoke with Carlo (Drums/Vocals) about the music that keeps him going.

Copeland- Eat, Sleep, Repeat
“This band is the reason I love delicate, soft, passionate ballads. Hands down, the biggest influence to become a better singer for myself has been Aaron Marsh since I was young. Eat, Sleep, Repeat was a part of my life during a very lonely time. As “emo” as it makes me sound, this album made me feel like other people were just as lonely sometimes. Totally in a good way.”

Rx Bandits- The Resignation
“I will never be able to pick a favorite album from this band. I’m too obsessed. (I’ve seen them sixteen times). I never miss a show of theirs unless I’m on tour or recording. The Resignation showcases some of my favorite things about Chris Tsagakis and Matt Embree’s grit, character, and passion is immensely huge on this record. “Decresceando” is an Rx signature song and it being the last on this album is just the icing on the cake.”


Brand New- The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me
“This is the most dynamic album I have ever heard. Jesse Lacey, apart from being an incredible lyricist, is aggressive when he needs to be and submissive when the music calls for it on this album. I have an incredible amount of imagery running through my head when I listen to it. Wet streets, dark nights, blinding lights, violent car crashes, the list goes on. It’s weird, I love it.”


NOFX- Punk In Drublic
“NOFX is the first band I heard that wasn’t rap or country. Before NOFX I didn’t care about music as much as I do now. I always loved it but if it wasn’t for them, music wouldn’t have consumed my life like it does now. Punk In Drublic is the first record I heard from this band and I now own about 15 of their EPs and LPs. That’s not including some of their vinyl. NOFX is an all time band for me along with most of these other artists on this list. I will admit it though, most of their albums sound the same, but for some reason I never care or get sick of them.”


Anberlin- Cities
Cities by Anberlin was and is a masterpiece to me. From front to back I couldn’t believe how much I loved this album. I love their albums prior to it and after, but I can’t even put a finger on what makes this album so good. It could be Stephen Christian’s unique voice. In this album it was the transition from his heavy to softer side of writing and singing. An amazing combination with Nathan Young behind the kit playing some of the most basic drum parts harder than any drummer in the scene.”


Monty Are I- Wall Of People
“I’m still upset that this band was around for so little time. Monty Are I opened for Rx Bandits in 2006 and I was not stoked to see them but when they opened up their set with an explosive performance I fell in love and Wall Of People is now a go to record for me all of the time. The entire band is equally talented and I love the way they incorporated horns on this album.”



Muse- Absolution
“Live performance is probably the most important thing for me when it comes to bands and when I saw a performance of “Stolkholm Syndrome” live at Wembley Stadium (On YouTube) I could not have been more ecstatic about watching something on a screen. It was pure beauty and rock and roll. That song is on Absolution and the entire album is influential and extremely smart. I feel my insides are moving with rhythm when I listen to this record.”


The Mars Volta- De-loused In The Comatorium
“I don’t think I really have to say much about De-Loused. Everyone knows about the monster album that changed the way music is perceived to a lot of mid 2000’s kids. I will say that I can’t pick one of their albums to be my favorite so I thought I might as well have just selected the one that put them amongst the gods of musicianship and creativity.”


A Lot Like BirdsConversation Piece
“Back in the “Yayo Taco” days, (a venue a lot of bands in Vegas bands used to play; Oranges, Alaska, Caravells, and many more), Stolas was about to perform and before I left home my girlfriend asked me who I was playing with that night. I said, “I don’t know I’ll check them out”. The first song was “Orange Time Machines Care” and I hated it. I told her it was some bullshit metal-core band with some dude from some band called Dance Gavin Dance or something. I saw A Lot Like Birds play that night and I started crowd surfing. They were nothing like I had perceived them to be and I ended up buying Conversation Piece the next day and that album did not leave my CD player for two straight years. Seriously, two years. If you’ve seen me at a show going insane for this band, it’s not because they are some of the homies that Stolas tours with sometimes, it’s because I’m a huge fan.”


The Red Hot Chili Peppers- Californication
Californication is the first album I engulfed/submersed myself in. At twelve years old. It was the first album I learned all the words to, every song, word for word. It was the the first album I started playing drums to. The RHCP monumental album had a lot of firsts for me and one of my favorite parts about it is that it wasn’t even a record I purchased. It was my brother’s and I don’t think he even comprehended at the time that I took it from him.”

Carlo also added:
“There are so many albums that are just as equally my favorite. It’s nearly impossible to narrow down ten. I chose some of the first that came to mind. Music has moments that are created while listening to albums. You don’t realize it when you’re listening, but you’re creating memories, and those songs and moments create a space to visit when you listen back or see it live. It’s amazing.”

Check out Stolas‘ music below and stay tuned for tour dates and more on the new record!