N: Where did you grow up?

S: “I was born in El Paso, TX. I moved to Vegas when like 3 years old.”

N: When did your realize music would be a career for you?

S: “When I was in the eighth grade, something in me just told me I wanted to play music professionally. That’s when I decided to audition for the Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts.”

N: Who are your top 5 biggest artistic influences?

S: “Led Zeppelin, At The Drive In, The Mars Volta, Wax On Radio, and RX Bandits. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Sufjan Stevens.”

N: How did Stolas come to be?

S: “Jason and Carlo have been friends for pretty much their whole lives. I’d known RJ for 8 years. We all knew each other from around town. We all loved music and started jamming.”

N: How did you link up with Will (Swan)?

S: “I filled in for Hail the Sun on the Rock Yourself To Sleep Tour. That was probably the first time we met. I did a lot of tech work for DGD on the road as well. Eventually I was so involved that their mngr asked me to be on the bus.”

N: Am I correct in saying that you started the Blue Swan Broadcast?

S: “Yes, I did. I just knew that there was a whole community of people who love our music and music like ours. There needed to be a place for them to interact within that niche. It’s a great way for people to find out about us too. Word of mouth is the most helpful thing these days.”

N: How difficult is it to balance the two projects you have going (Sianvar and Stolas)?

S: “Not too difficult, surprisingly. I’d say it’s more tedious. The driving from Sacramento to Vegas gets tiring.”

N: Who has been your favorite band to watch play live?

S: “Without a doubt, Venitia Fair.”

N: Is there an area of art you’d like to explore but haven’t yet? Mediums other than music?

S: “I really want to explore writing lyrics. 
I used to paint in middle school at my elective school. Art was just a hobby, though. I still draw sometimes.”

N: What are you working on currently? Other than the obvious; touring your ass off.

S: “Right now I’m about to finish up the Sianvar tour. That full length is getting the final touches put on it. It’ll be ready for the world soon.”

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Listen to the Sianvar debut EP below and be ready for that full length soon!

Check out Sianvar live at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California:

*video shot by Toby Hughes with TandA Media.
** Photos by Michael-Rex Carbonell (@brownmetal)