Have you ever just sat there wanting to listen to something new but not knowing what exactly you wanted out of a band? Usually, that itch is barely satisfied for me by scrolling through my iTunes libaray, bandcamp, and YouTube until I find something cool to listen to for a day or two. But this time I found Meteor City (thanks to Justin King of Fearless Leader). This band has been exactly what I’ve been looking for for a long time. Incredibly catchy vocals with crazy fun tapped guitar parts. From Beaumont California, this is definitely a group you will not want to sleep on. Even with just three songs out, they’ve become one of my favorite bands. The most recent songs they’ve put out (“Rotten Teeth” and “Ink Beach”) just feature their vocalist, Haley Lemaster, and their guitarist/vocalist Shalfi Edu. Whereas “Oh What A Mess We Made Of Things” features their drummer and bassist Brandon Sequira and Ansel Kamimura respectively.

Instrumentally, each song utilizes tapping in the guitar part extensively. There is enough variety between each song however that you can still distinguish each song by the guitar parts alone. They also don’t distract from the overall song itself. The guitar and vocal lines mesh perfectly. Rather than try to distract the listener with absolutely insane tapping skills everything stays within the context of the song. The same goes for the drums and bass, although they only have one song out with those instruments, they don’t draw attention away from the song itself.

Vocally, each song is incredibly catchy. While I don’t exactly know the words to each song, I can easily sing or hum along with the melody (and do much to the annoyance of the people around me). Haley’s voice fits perfectly with the style of music Meteor City plays. Which is great, because her voice is great. Shalfi’s vocals also fit perfectly. His voice meshes perfectly with Haley’s and whenever they harmonize it makes my day (because cool vocal harmonies are AWESOME).

I’m incredibly stoked for whatever they put out next month (hopefully something with the full band) but I’ll be content listening to the songs they have out now over and over like I have for the past few weeks! If you dig Emo Math Rock definitely check these guys out and subscribe to their YouTube channel so you don’t miss any new great tracks!





Meteor City is:

Vocals: Haley Lemaster

Guitar/Vocals: Shalfi Edu

Bass: Ansel Kamimura

Drums: Brandon Sequira