The day is finally upon us. Regardless of how your weekend went you’re now invited to the biggest party of the summer, the Party in a Pyramid.
Menes the Pharaoh and his Basement Dwellaz family are on the eve of releasing the Golden Mask produced debut solo album on Esque Records. I spoke with him about what the album means to him and how it came to be.

“An Odd series of events took place inside the bottom of a Pyramid. A long standing Pharaoh by the name of MENES unearthed a cold sarcophagi dusty like the grooves of a record. Without any strain he removed the lid and out flooded a luminous white light, followed by a Golden Masked fellow. A rhythmic conversation ensued, followed by barrels of finely aged wine and snare drums compressed by the SP-404. Feeling the overbearing and resounding importance of this meeting, MENES decided to no longer rebury the Golden Mask. “Together, we shall have a party, right here in this Pyramid!” MENES exclaimed. The response, although underwhelming, did not deter the almost old Pharaoh into less enjoyment of the task.

Golden Flasks! Golden Food! Golden Pharaohs! Golden Servants! Golden Statues! Golden Mics! Golden Turntables! Everything was glimmering with the unmistakable aura of Gold. But what is a Party without guests? Once his throne and tomb were in order ; emeralds and falcons oscillating, MENES sent his most treasured bird all across the lands with a note attached to her leg: TO ALL WHO WISH TO REVEL FOR ETERNITIES, COME TO MY PYRAMID AT ONCE!

To the cold North for the Basement Dwellaz, To Poseidon’s Den for sea/swordz, To a Dirty NY Slum for 7rinth, To the forest fortress for Purple Dialect, To a corpse littered trench for Maximus Da Mantis, and To the Bricks for El Da Sensei, the bird flew with unquestionable accuracy and speed. Gathering as many beautiful woman and blunt wraps as she could along the way.

The day finally came ; and the Party goers began to arrive one by one. Slowly but surely the Party in a Pyramid had begun. And the rest is written in sound waves that are bouncing around our universe right now.

Enjoy the new album by MENES the Pharaoh and Golden Mask. It has been a long journey for all of us, but we always prevail. Thank you to all my brothas, sistas, and overall family for always holding me down. Eternal Love. My shout-outs and thanks are in the album liner of the CD. But raise a glass for ESQUE RECORDS, Kurt Travis & Lo, Sorcery Orc, Golden Mask and MARS GATE [artwork].

I would like to dedicate this album to everyone, but at this moment specifically to my brother ROCCO.. I’ll see you soon big homie, hold down the Pyramid until I get there. We got down here covered for now.”

Check out the first video for the title track from Party in a Pyramid:

Listen to a taste of Party in a Pyramid below:

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