Is story-telling a dead art form? Menes the Pharaoh proves it’s not. He’s taking conscious hip-hop to a whole new level. He recently signed on to Kurt Travis‘ indie label Esque Records. He’s releasing a new album, Party in a Pyramid, on August 22nd.
I caught up with Menes and spoke with him about the new record and proper blunt etiquette:

“I initially began recording from the depths of my personal Pyramid sometime in 24 B.C [ 2014 ], without much of a concept or notion as to what sorcery I was incanting. Somewhere alternatively in a Basement Bunker near Toronto, the schemes were being recorded through bouncing cosmic WAV files. Golden Mask (producer on PIAP) is a pretty cool guy, but he usually hogs the blunt. Luckily his production makes up for his thieving ways.

As the album started coming together in 2016, and the name “PARTY IN A PYRAMID” began circulating in our atmosphere, I changed directions of the tape. I decided although this is a solo album from MENES the Pharaoh [of BASEMENT DWELLAZ]…

I want it to be a gathering of all who have inspired, studied and went to war with me. A party of the most exquisite taste;  jeweled sarcophagi and servants dancing in tombs. A singular entity blasting light through a thousand prisms. Although the RUGGED and RAW nature of the production was easily suited for a mostly one emcee tape, that is not what we wanted. As you will soon hear; this tape is all about the madness that is MENES, along with all of his heavily armed Palace Guards. Basement Dwellaz [ArchAngel and The Mason], sea/swords, 7rinth, Purple Dialect, El Da Sensei, Maximus Da Mantis and Eon Ra all make appearances on the 18 track album.

Its a Party in a Pyramid and ALL OF YOU INVITED! I am excited for AUGUST 22ND, and cannot wait for all of you to attend.”


Listen to Menes the Pharaoh below:

Check out one of his other projects, Galaxy Cloak:

Stay tuned for more with Menes the Pharaoh very soon!