Here’s a little tip: If you want me to cover your band, a great way to secure that is to compliment my band merch at a show. Especially my Circa joggers. Definitely compliment my Circa joggers and casually mention that your band is like Circa Survive. Or relate it to any other band merch I’m wearing. Do it. Please?

But with that out of the way I’d like to introduce you to this wonderful Seattle local, Tidelines. Their bassist approached me at the Stolas show here a little while ago (see interaction above) and got the ball rolling for this feature. And let me tell you, he was right. If you dig Circa Survive at all you will absolutely love this band. And if you’ve been digging Divisi at all (A Lot Like Birds’ latest album), you’ll absolutely love this too.  Basically if you love post hardcore with a progressive/post rock flair listen to this band. Right now. Like actually, listen to their album while you read this (and on repeat for the rest of the year).

First off, I love everything about this band. I’m surprised I’ve never seen them play a show (let alone have a friend tell me about them) but from now on you best believe I’m gonna see them every chance I can. The instrumentals are great. Like really great. Everything is mixed perfectly and the tones they use across the board are perfect. Sound wise, they sit some place between Circa Survive and A Lot Like Birds. Namely the less crazy/spastic Birds songs being the closest match. The lead guitar parts are never too distracting from the rest of the song like so many bands seem to do now. As cool as hearing awesome riffs is (as a guitar player), I love when bands can still keep things tasteful. Which Tidelines definitely does. They also aren’t afraid to get heavy. At least heavy within the context of the music they play. There won’t be any crabcore styled breakdowns. But the breakdowns they do have are pretty fucking great. Like, I could see myself getting kicked in the face to the breakdown of Wellspring and not being too salty.

Speaking of breakdowns, there are some screams sprinkled throughout their songs that are just perfect. Everything is mostly singing, but when Spencer does scream, it sounds perfect. Not to mention his cleans are already pretty great. He’s easy to understand diction wise and he just sounds so good. His tone fits this sound absolutely perfectly.

The album has a healthy mix of higher energy, post hardcore songs in that Circa Survive, softer ALLB, and Hands Like Houses vein I mentioned earlier and some super post rock-esque songs that I absolutely love. Honestly, I just love this whole album and have been listening to it almost as much Divisi lately. The name for the project definitely fits the music as well. The music feels like a tide or wave. Pushing and pulling at various points throughout the album and even pushing and pulling in a song itself.

I’m glad I can keep finding such amazing bands from my local scene that never cease to blow me away. If you live out in the Seattle area (or Washington in general) you should catch them with A Lot Like Birds later this month (5/26/17) at El Corazon (hit up the band on Facebook for tickets – link below)!

Social Media Links:

Official Site
Instagram (@tidelinesmusic)

Tidelines is:

Rich Clark-Coller – Drums
Spencer Corbin – Vocals/Guitar
Tim Dery – Bass
Joe Miller – Guitar
Steve Raparelli – Guitar

Buy/stream the album here:

Google Play:…/music/album/Tidelines_Tidelines…