We’ve been following Stolas since the band’s inception. They are one of the hardest working and diverse bands in the industry today. With each release comes a drastic change in sound and live performance which aren’t seen very often these days.
This group has gone through all the trials and tests that you’d expect a band to have to deal with. Only to come out the other side stronger and more defined than ever.
With a new self-titled album dropping today I thought it was only appropriate to speak with Carlo Marquez (vocals) and get some insight into what these new tracks mean.

“I don’t have a ton to say about these that’s not already said in the song’s themselves, but here’s some description of the new record.”

“Anhedonia”– “This song is about technology and how addicted we are to phones, computers, laptops, etc. The more addicted, the more time seems to slip away.”

“Bellwether”– “All the greed in this world is insane and money is obviously more important than life to some humans. That pertains to not just the wealthy but criminals as well. This song is mainly aimed at the corruption with the super wealthy and government conspiracies of a new world order. I’m fascinated by conspiracies. I don’t really believe them, they’re just interesting.”

“Maximizer”– “The more that humans possess items the more items the feel they need to accumulate. There’s something nice about having nothing. Maximizer is all about never being satisfied with what you have and always looking at others with envy.”

“Damage Division”– “Anxiety and depression plagued me for a little while a couple of years ago. This song goes into description about the thoughts and feelings that I experienced then.”

“Anecdoche”– “Today’s political climate is proving that everyone is talking without listening just like children. Something that really bothers me is people using social media platforms to push an idea just for attention.There are great people talking about our problems in this world that need to be heard, but it seems like some people do not care about what they’re talking about, they just want to talk and feel important while never listening to a word the other person has to say.”

“Cold & Unmanageable”– “Society sucks the life out of you. We get stuck in loops and we become apathetic to everything around us as we get older. The main focus of this song is expressing, in multiple ways, how it feels to lose the spark, or drive, or innocence, or whatever you want to call it as we get older. You have to remember what makes you happy, and being apathetic about everything is detrimental to a persons psyche.”

“Catalyst”– “I’ve never been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD so I can’t say that this song is about that, but I do have a hard time concentrating and staying on task with almost anything. Sometimes even getting words out that I want to say doesn’t happen so easy.”

“Euphoria”– “Pharmaceutical companies make a lot of money by pumping out pills, and the minute they find a cure for a disease the prolonged treatments are no longer required and the money pit is no longer there. This song has a couple different themes but they all pertain to the drug industry. It’s pretty crazy that when you go to a doctor one of the first things they offer are drugs and the more opiates that are prescribed, the more of them hit the streets, more people become addicted, more people start losing their health, more people need to see a doctor, in turn prescribing more drugs. People need medicine and treatment to get better, but I’ve experienced first hand, a doctor trying to prescribe me medication instead of a cure.”

“Pacesetter”– “This song is about the corruption in politics and the same old thing every four years. It’s about electing some puppet that no one really knows. It’s about people being on a team against another team. This is about leaders getting to where they want to be while stepping on everyone else.”

“Metempsychosis”– “The last song on the album feels very fitting to me because it encompasses something infinitely larger than any of the subjects on the record, time. Time and limits are created by man and the theory that our own universe was created in a lab is crazy. Along with other multiverse theories no one truly knows the answers, it’s just extremely interesting to me. The fact that people are trying, or as I’ve read, already made multiple universes in a lab is sort of humorous when you think about how anti-social most people are. We don’t talk to each other but we want to find more life out there in the vast cosmos, or create it.”

Listen to Stolas’ new album in it’s entirety below:

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