There are so many good bands that come out of Florida that its hard to compete at a local level. I’ve had the chance to watch these guys grow and mature musically over the years. From projects such as Scientist VS Werewolf and Hawks with Rockets, Danny and Colin are back with their new project: Tiberius. I’ve had the chance to sit down and talk to them about their newest, and arguably best project to date.

TC: How did Tiberius originally form?

TIBERIUS: “Tiberius was formed in the summer of 2015 by our singer Colin and guitarist Danny. Both had played and toured together in previous projects and after a few years of not making music altogether, the two of us we’re eager to get back at it and put together something we loved and could have total control over. We spent roughly 8 months writing and recording our EP and then recruited some more incredible musicians in James, Nick and Evan to come tour and share the love of making music together.”

TC: How do you think being in Florida has helped or hurt your music career?

TIBERIUS: “Being based out of south Florida has both advantages and disadvantages across the board. On one hand our state and location gives us access to some amazing venues, almost 30 million people live in our state which give us a huge market to penetrate, The lifestyle is one that most certainly caters to a band and there are a lot of people around us looking for new, original music to discover. On the other hand it takes almost 14 hrs just to play a show outside of our state, The wide variety of activities to do can make it hard to capture and keep a listeners attention and the summers here can be absolutely brutal especially touring in a van with no A/C (which we’ve had to do in the past). Overall, we feel that hard work and determination will be the ultimate factors in our success as musicians and that with the aid of the internet, location isn’t as relevant as it once may have been in our industry.”

TC: What are some bands that have inspired you as a musician? Is there anyone you have had the chance to meet that you look up to as a role model

TIBERIUS: “There are so many artists and bands who have inspired each and every one of us. Some of the main influences in this specific project come from a lot of our peers, specifically The Dear Hunter, Coheed and Cambria, Circa Survive, Thrice, I The Mighty, etc.”

TC: What is one of your favorite concerts you have been to recently?

TIBERIUS: “Some of us recently had the opportunity to see Bad Religion play live which was incredible. A Couple of us also went to see Dance Gavin Dance a few months back as well, they always put on an incredible show.”

TC: You started recording at the beginning of last year. What has the writing process been like and how has it changed each time you go into the studio?

TIBERIUS: “The process this time has honestly been the easiest we’ve ever experienced. Some of that comes from how hard we worked to make sure we had everything ready to go right from the moment we walked into the studio through months of demoing, re-writing and re-working our songs. But a lot of it comes from how incredible Chris Whited and Jesse Kirkbride @ Kirkbride Recordings are. They make every part of the process as easy and relaxed as possible, they are always willing to listen to ideas and they never try and rush you along. We couldn’t recommend them highly enough for bands looking for a studio to track their next album.”

TC: Outside of music, are there any other hobbies you are into?

TIBERIUS: “We all have different hobbies outside of music which keep us from going insane haha. Evan and Nick spend their off evenings fighting small misdemeanor crime in movie theater parking lots dressed as super heroes. Danny and James both have degrees in Elf spotting and have a small side business removing them from vacant homes and re-locating them to the forest. Colin used to write suspenseful, fictional political thriller novels but had to quit when all his stories kept coming true. He now spends his days hunting poachers in Africa.”

TC: As a band I’m sure you have seen and heard it all. What is one story that sticks out in particular from playing over the years?

TIBERIUS: “One night after we played in Tampa with Fall Out Boy and The Academy Is… our guitarist Danny was mistaken for Will from The Academy Is… and a group of 13 year old girls swarmed our van and attacked us pulling in to an after party. Their collective sigh of disinterest after we explained to them who we were was heard from miles away.”

TC: Your new single “Killing the Mountain” is really good. Is there any way you can maybe expand on the meaning behind the song?

TIBERIUS: “The meaning of KTM in this instance is quite literal. It describes our singer Colin and his life long battle with alcoholism. It is meant as an honest and upfront admission of addiction and how hard the actual process of getting over that addiction can be. We hope that through the song and lyrics we can maybe reach other people struggling with the same kind of problems come to realize that if you are willing to change then nothing is impossible.”

TC: What’s in store for Tiberius in 2017?

TIBERIUS: “We have already started work on Chapter 2 and Hopefully lots and lots of touring with amazing musicians and bands. We hope that everyone enjoys “Killing The Mountain” and Chapter 1! Pre-order the album now at the link below!”

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