Anthony Pacheco holds down the low end for the Modesto, CA rock band Dwellings. They’ve exploded into the scene thanks to their catchy vocal hooks, tasteful guitar noodles, and absolutely amazing rhythm section. With the release of their EP “Lavender Town” on the horizon and having heard the diversity with their two singles, “Lemonade” and “Foreverest” I just have to know what inspirations these guys have drawn from. Luckily, Anthony was willing to sit down and give us a list of his top 10 favorite albums (and a little bit on why each album is his favorite) to tide us over until the next release from the Dwellings camp.

Alesana – On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax
“This was one of the first records I had bought from FYE. I didn’t even listen to rock, but I thought the album cover was really cool. I listened to it for hours beyond hours and it inspired me to eventually pick up on guitar and pursue writing my own music.”

Alt-J – An Awesome Wave
“The musicianship behind this band is crazy good. I remember listening to Taro for the first time from this band and I instantly fell in love with the overall vibe the band gives off.”

Blackbear – Help
“I’m a sucker for catchy hooks, and this album is absolutely genius. I jam it occasionally, and I love recommending it to people.”

Circa Survive – On Letting Go
“Circa is a band that I think anyone and everyone can get into. The crazy effects, the lyrics that hit close to home. They’re a band that is super inspiring, and I feel a lot of people can say the same.”

Dance Gavin Dance – Happiness
“Happiness is my favorite DGD record to date. Once the record dropped, everyone lost their minds and I still lose my mind every time i listen to it.”

Maná – ¿Donde jugaran los niños?
“Latin rock was a huge part of my childhood, and still remains as a common ground for my family and I. The first show I ever went to was a Maná concert when I was like 9, and I always thought to myself ‘they must have so much fun up there.'”

Lorde – Pure Heroine
“Lorde is my jam, and I’m still waiting for her to drop another album. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to her debut.”

San Cisco – Gracetown
“This group always puts me in such a great mood. I could be having a horrible day and just listen to their music and it instantly puts me in a happy mood. Good music does that to you.”

The Mars Volta – Deloused in the Comatorium
“If you don’t listen to TMV, you should really listen to this album. It is a work of art that should not be looked over. If I could only listen to one album forever, it’d be this one.”

The White Stripes – Get Behind Me Satan
“Once Blue Orchid kicked in the first time I listened to the record, I was instantly in love. TWS’ song structures are something I admire and appreciate greatly.”

Be sure to check out both of the singles his band Dwellings dropped below and to keep your eyes open for more news from them regarding their EP!


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