Chicago has been a turning point for hip-hop as of late. For years it’s been divided, split between the violent, aggressive Drill movement lead by artists like Chief Keef, and what can be described as progressive artistry rap, lead by the SAVEMONEY collective with members Vic Mensa, Chance The Rapper, and others. Rapper and producer Supa Bwe, of the group Hurt Everybody, lies somewhere in the middle, bringing to the table a rage filled sound that gets paired with his bass heavy production style that’s unheard from anywhere else. The amount of energy he puts into every track makes one wonder why his status isn’t any higher in the game just yet. Steady working on the third installment of his Dead Again EP series, Supa Bwe took to announce that he’d drop a surprise project in exchange for 2oo retweets, and swiftly dropped I’m Done Ballin’ short after. A preview of what’s to come, Supa sonically expands his agression while introducing a suave, relaxed energy and a certain new groove to his sound. You can listen to the I’m Done Ballin’ EP below