#TBT- Hail The Sun & Stolas @ Crowbar In Tampa, FL 9/16/2014

This was the second time I’d seen Hail The Sun and my first time seeing Stolas so I was excited for this show to begin with.
Stolas put on an incredible show that these pictures could NEVER do justice. The intensity they brought to the stage was something I look forward to seeing again next month.
Then during Hail the Sun‘s set, Donovan Melero (who plays drums and sings, simultaneously during certain songs. Then just sings others. I’ve never seen anything like it) saw me singing “Dead Messages”, so he came into the crowd, put his arm around me and let me sing the rest of the song with him. That is for sure a moment I’ll never forget.
There’s a playlist below with Stolas and Hail The Sun‘s set lists, in order.
I couldn’t locate Icarus The Owl‘s set list so check them out on YouTube, HERE!
I tried to keep the phone away as much as possible and enjoy the show, but I had to grab a few, which are in the slideshow above.


1. “Allomaternal” Intro
2. “Thief & The Hourglass”
3. “Circuit Theory” (w/ Donovan Melero)
4. “Destroyer”
5. “Time & The Sun”
6. “Solunar”
7. “Medusa”
8. “Our Last Night On Earth”
Hail The Sun Setlist:
1. “Will They Blame Me If You Go Disappearing?”
2. “Eight-Ball, Coroner’s Pocket”
3. “Roll Out The Red Carpet”
4. “Human Target Practice”
5. “Hanging Revelation”
6. “Relax/Divide”
7. “Dead Messages”
8. “Missed Injections”
9. “Ow! (Spilado!) [I Like It, Though]
(Encore) 10. “Testostyrannosaurus”


Blue Swan Records Tour feat. Hail The Sun, Stolas, Icarus the Owl, & Samurai Shotgun
09/16/2014 @ Crowbar in Tampa, FL

All photos taken by Nick T of Teal Cheese.