Here’s PART 1 of my Under Rated Albums list, in case you missed it.

(6) Why?- “Elephant Eyelash”: The first time I heard this album, it was the first time since The Mars Volta that I had realized that genre’s are meant to be bent.” Yoni Wolf’s mixture of hip hop, indie rock, folk, jazz, blues, and everything in between makes for one of the most interesting and diverse albums ever.

(7) Circa Survive– “Juturna”: I’m not denying that Circa has a pretty large following, but it always amazes me that their first record is overlooked by so many. The band took indie rock to a new level and it all started here. Lyrics that will haunt you (in the best possible way), relentless guitar riffs that lead off into space, and of course, Anthony Green.

(8) Aesop Rock- “Bazooka Tooth”: By far one of the best emcees of the last 15 years. Also one of the only artists I see continuously releasing new and inventive hip hop music.

(9) The Impossibles- “Anthology”: Pop punk, ska, punk, I don’t care what you want to call it, The Impossibles brand of fast paced, ska tinged rock will forever remain overlooked and I’ll never understand why.

(10) Battles- “Mirrored”: The first time I listened to Battles I thought it was a DJ. I quickly found a music video and realized this was a live band making these sounds. Which to me, is that much more impressive.