In case you missed them, here’s PART 1 and PART 2!

(11) A- “Hi-Fi Serious”: This British alt-rock band have been around since ’93. They broke out overseas but never got CLOSE to the recognition they deserve in the U.S. When this album dropped in 2002, A unleashed a whole new brand of pop-punk rock.

(12) Marks Black- “Folks Music”: He’s an Omaha based hip-hop artist who had his breakout success when he got signed to Conor Oberst’s label, Team Love in 2004 and released this gem of an album.

(13) Tokyo Police Club- “Elephant Shell”: This Canadian band hasn’t ever got the recognition they deserve. This 2008 album is one of the few I can listen to all the way through multiple times. NEVER gets old!

(14) The Receiving End of Sirens- “The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi”: Their first album was a staple for me when i was 17. Then a few years later, “The Earth Sings…” was released at the perfect time in my life. It’s written as a story that is best heard all the way through with headphones.  Another TRULY genius album that was over looked.

(15) Now It’s Overhead- Self Titled: I remember buying this album when I was 14 and I still listen to it to this day. Beautifully crafted instrumentally and lyrically. One of those rarely perfect albums that more people NEED to know about.