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Featuring the STAR STUDDED LINEUP of JACK BEATS, HANNAH WANTS, and of course the man behind the groovy baselines AC SLATER.  Here’s a mix for August 2014!

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Years ago these artist were much ahead of the scene delivering the most creative and distinct baselines this world has even heard.  From techy drums to breakbeats, the night will start and end with some of the best bass music in the scene. From pioneers to professionals these acts have morphed their sound to be delivered in the upmost style out in LA.

Now on the east coast in the one and only MIAMI. Also for our Miami bassheads, we all know that Grand Central has the perfect system to represent exactly what these musicians need to deliver during the one and only NIGHT BASS.

Here is a link to see the whole tour

You should have already bought your tickets but if you haven’t, get on it!

In the meantime get to know these artist and be sure to get connected.