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THREADS Thursday #30: Hot Lava

Aside from being half of the creative force behind Teenage, Rachael Anderson also runs a clothing line called Hot Lava. This is (in her words) how the idea for the Hot Lava brand came about: “I [had] so much inspiration from my Tumblr so I

7 Brands Running Modern Streetwear

It wasn’t until my junior year of high school that I found myself diving into the world of fashion, and what drew me to streetwear was its deeply invested roots within hip-hop culture. Growing up the rise of artists like Kanye West (Adidas) and Pusha T (Playcloths)

Interview with Gat$ (Tampa)

Gat$ is an indie hip hop artist from Tampa, Florida. I got a chance to see him perform in my hometown of Fort Myers a few years ago and I was extremely impressed. He had a really dark vibe and absolutely commanded the crowd. It

KICK START Sunday #19- 5 Essential Body Weight Exercises

Many people don’t realize they don’t need to go to a gym and lift weights to get in shape. It’s a common misconception that tools and machines are necessary to achieve one’s desired result. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t have the

PARTYTIME FRIDAY #19- Mouf. & Bugzy Lavoe: SAZON EP

Two of Lee County’s most talented rappers released an EP the other night. One that shouldn’t go unnoticed, to say the least. A majority of the EP was produced by Brooklyn’s JustMelv (although we do see a producing credit to Lee County’s own Andre DeSaint,