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WHEELS WEDNESDAY #18- Clean Your Bearings in 5 Easy Steps

Tired of getting stuck in rush hour traffic, paying car insurance, and dealing with costly repairs? Electric skateboards are quickly becoming one of the most popular alternatives to get around. Brands like Boosted have been thriving with more and more people leaving their cars in

WHEELS Wednesday #17: Skate Videos with GoPro

A throwback to 2013 with a test run of the GoPro HERO3. Mounting the camera on different parts of the board means there’s no angle you can’t get. Check out Logan Taylor‘s interesting POV brought to us by TransWorld Skateboarding. Here’s another GoPro skate video

DIY Saturday #22 – MAThorpe Productions

MAThorpe Productions is Florida local Adam Thorpe’s one-man DIY production company. Everything from photo shoots, video shoots, and even studio time for all you aspiring musicians. Anything in the realm of production, this is the man to go to! Check out some of his work

TECHNOLOGY Tuesday #26 – Electric turbochargers

It’s true – electric turbochargers are coming according to CNET on Cars in this informative video! The video begins with a refresher on how regular turbochargers work, and the three limitations of the current technology. Firstly since regular turbochargers are run by exhaust, there is

WHEELS Wednesday #14 – MEIJS Motorman (electric motorbike)

Mopeds are convenient and easy, but they’re generally not cool… unless they’re the new Motorman from Dutch designer Ronald Meijs. Using vintage American classics as design references, Meijs crafted a light electric “motorbike” (there are no pedals) that is as easy to use as it


The door is open and people can get involved today with what they want to do!  Through the Converse Cons Project people can get involved and learn more about the DIY lessons how to film a cool skate video. Evan Bowman goes through a few film

MUST SEE! MONDAY #20 – Jon Favreau’s – CHEF (2014)

Jon Favreau has been an indie film favorite for many years after his early success with films such as Swingers and Made. In addition to staying true to his roots he has also achieved mainstream visibility in the Iron Man Franchise Films.  After directing, writing, acting and

WHEELS Wednesday #13- The New Rodney Mullen?

I saw a video of Isamu Yamamoto skating a few months back and I couldn’t believe my eyes. This kid has only been skating for 3 years and already he’s pulling off tricks I’ve only seen a handful of pros do. Oh, and he’s only 11

MUST SEE! Monday #13 – SEMI-TRUCK HUALING CANE VS TRAIN (Wreck In Mer Rouge, LA 10/05/14)

“new djs be like”…lol…the lady’s voice is priceless.