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“Even the Worst Gig Has a Silver Lining” – Interview with Indie Rockers Honestly Probably

Indie math rockers Honestly Probably¬†out of Jensen Beach, FL mix catchy riffs and heavy drums in their new E.P. Wave and Leave. With lyrics like “I’ve got an awful day in mind something to hide behind til I’m with you tonight” the male/female shadowy vocals

Desaparecidos To Release First New Album In 13 Years

Back in 2002, Bright Eyes frontman Conor Oberst put out a punk, post hardcore (ish) album with a side project called Desaparecidos. “Read Music/Speak Spanish” was the only album the band ever released and their touring was sparse. It was one of the few projects

Nick’s Top 20 Under Rated Albums Part 1

(1) The Mars Volta- “De-Loused in the Comatorium”: I still remember the first time I ever heard this record, and I’ll probably never forget it. Unfortunately, the members’ old band, At the Drive In (who was great, absolutely) get most of the credit for “revolutionizing