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Amarionette- “Repeating History” Album Premiere (Teal Cheese Exclusive)

I had heard the name Amarionette quite a few times before ever hearing their music. Once I did I wondered what had taken me so long. Quin’s vocals alone are a subject I could write a full post on. They’re passion fueled and versatile (from

Saosin announce first new release in nearly seven years

    Post-hardcore frontrunners, Saosin have announced the release of their new album, Along the Shadow. As a nearly-defunct band since the departure of their former vocalist, Cove Reber was made public in July 2010, a lot of people weren’t sure what to expect for awhile.

Exclusive Interview with Tilian Pearson (Dance Gavin Dance)

Tilian Pearson is currently on yet another tour. This time to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the band he has been singing in since 2012, Dance Gavin Dance. He also is in the middle of promoting his new solo record which will be out at

Tilian – Dreaming

Tilian Pearson (Dance Gavin Dance) just released another track off of his up and coming album “Perfect Enemy”. The album will be released 11/27/15, make sure you pre-order a copy HERE! Keep your eyes peeled for an interview with Tilian very soon! Check out the new song, “Dreaming” below:

Tilian- Official “All I Ever Do” Lyric Video

Tilian Pearson (Dance Gavin Dance) released the second single of his upcoming album, “Perfect Enemy”. The album will be released 11-27-15. You can pre-order the album HERE! Stay tuned for an interview with Tilian coming very soon! Watch the lyric video for the song, “All

Tilian- “Tug Of War” Music Video

Just yesterday Tilian Pearson (Dance Gavin Dance) released the first single off what will presumably be his third solo effort. “Tug Of War” was a bit surprising to listen to. It’s a pretty simple (and extremely powerful) piano ballad. A big change not only from what

Dance Gavin Dance- “Instant Gratification” Album Stream

“Instant Gratification” dropped on Tuesday and it is nothing short of a masterpiece. Every member of the band compliments each other’s styles perfectly. Somehow, they took all the best aspects of the work they’ve done so far and put them into one project. Listening from

Dance Gavin Dance- “We Own The Night”

The new cut off of DGD’s upcoming “Instant Gratification” further drives home the point that this band is evolving. Like it or not, Tilian Pearson is here to stay. They’ve learned to play off of each other more and you can easily hear Tilian’s influence

KICK START Sunday #17- Nick’s March Playlist

More of what I’ve been listening to since the last playlist installment. This month marked yet another birthday, another Bayside show (I believe thats 6, now), and creative leaps in the world of Teal Cheese. Ill give you a hint: soon, I’ll be using a