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“Record, Perform, Repeat”- Interview with Kurt Travis

Kurt Travis is one of the busiest people in the music scene right now. Every time I turn around he’s touring with a new set of bands. Along with his solo project he has two other groups (Eternity Forever and Push Over) that he’s currently

Interview With Andrew Forsman (The Fall of Troy)

When The Fall of Troy announced they were planning to release a new album, any fan of rock music (particularly post hardcore) was immediately thrilled. They are one of the bands that have influenced the new generation of the genre in every way. They are

Fall Of Troy’s OK: First Thoughts

It’s been 7 years since the last Fall Of Troy release, and I was very skeptical when I heard the band was releasing new material. This band helped form the sound of post hardcore as we know it, as well as help bring it to

The Fall Of Troy’s “Inside Out”

  Well, they’re back. And with a vengeance. The Fall Of Troy have released another new track, Inside Out, which they teased in their “Adventour Time” tour to all of us eagerly waiting fans. This single is definitely much more of a step-up from the

New The Fall of Troy

So I know it’s April Fool’s day and all but The Fall of Troy (TFOT) just dropped a new track. At first I thought it was a joke but this is 100% legitimate and they will be¬†releasing their new album “OK”¬†on 4/20/16. The new song,