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A Setting or Tone- Get to Know The Vox Arcanum

With no shortage of ideas or riffs, The Vox Arcanum come ripping out of L.A. with their debut album, Of Time and Fate. Being a relatively new band has it’s challenges but these guys overcame the odds and put out a really well thought out record.

Icarus The Owl- “Pilot Waves” Album Review

This album is very obviously strong from the first few seconds. Although this is the band’s fourth album, they treated this record like a debut in that it’s obvious these guys put everything they had into it. If they still had anything left to prove they

Metric- “Pagans In Vegas” Album Stream

Metric are back again but this time the tone seems a little darker than usual. This is a band that has managed to stay recognizable while releasing records that sound remarkably different. “Pagans In Vegas” shows the band using more synthesizers and snares. To me,

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice Trailer

There has been a lot of talk about this film ever since Zack Snyder announced he’d be casting Ben Affleck as Batman. A lot of fans (myself included) didn’t know what to think and were hoping that casting choice wouldn’t ruin such a possibly epic

A Day To Remember Opening for Blink-182 At The Roxy

ADTR has always been known for playing amazing live shows. They got the chance of a lifetime the other night: to open for one of the most anticipated shows of the year. Blink-182 coming back into the picture at the Roxy in L.A. Minus Tom….plus Matt

KICK START Sunday #12 – Ghostbird Theatre Company

  Living in Fort Myers I hear “there’s nothing to do” every day. And for the most part that’s accurate. I feel the same way until something like this comes across my path. Ghostbird Theatre Company was founded in May of 2012 and is the