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WHEELS WEDNESDAY #18- Clean Your Bearings in 5 Easy Steps

Tired of getting stuck in rush hour traffic, paying car insurance, and dealing with costly repairs? Electric skateboards are quickly becoming one of the most popular alternatives to get around. Brands like Boosted have been thriving with more and more people leaving their cars in

WHEELS Wednesday #11 – Lazareth BMW R1200R

R1200R Scrambler – limited to 10 numbered copies Halfway between a Scrambler and a Café Racer, BMW R1200R this customized by Lazareth is a subtle mix between a motorcycle neo-retro, with its overall look and wire wheels, and a modern motorcycle with its engine and

WHEELS Wednesday #9 – RYCA Motorcycles (Cafe racer kits)

RYCA featured in the July Issue of Popular Mechanics. Read more… Jay Leno interviews the guys from RYCA, takes a tour of the shop, and gives a full ride review of the CS-1 Cafe Racer. Susan Carpenter of the Los Angeles Times takes the CS-1

DIY Saturday #8 – How to build a 70MPH MOBILITY SCOOTER

  THE WORLDS FASTEST MOBILITY SCOOTER Speed Record Set Thrashing it in the Snow 71.59MPH Set a new world record but you all ask HOW The stats for the scooter have been reported well, its got a 125cc motocross bike 2stroke engine from a 1997

WHEELS Wednesday #8 – Cafe9

Cafe9 The Cafe9 is a perfect example of a modern cafe racer. Based on Ducati’s 999 superbike, the Cafe9 uses a water-cooled, DOHC Ducati V-Twin producing 150 crank horsepower and a hefty 80 ft-lbs of torque (claimed). The torque should help the bike excel in

WHEELS Wednesday #6 – 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari

The oddly-named Ferrari LaFerrari is the latest in a long line of technologically-advanced hyper-cars from the Prancing Horse. Limited to just 499 examples , the LaFerrari (a name that literally translates to “The Ferrari” in Italian) stands out as Ferrari’s first street legal gasoline-electric hybrid.