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Too Reel: Underrated Movies from 1994

We simple humans see time linearly. Some physicists speculate that time is much more complex than we’ve thus far come to understand. That it is only one dimension among many in this grand ol’ universe among infinite universes. Others even theorize that the entire universe

TECHNOLOGY Tuesday #26 – Electric turbochargers

It’s true – electric turbochargers are coming according to CNET on Cars in this informative video! The video begins with a refresher on how regular turbochargers work, and the three limitations of the current technology. Firstly since regular turbochargers are run by exhaust, there is

Hear Unicorns…

Yes! Listening to music for long periods of time is good for your brain! After apple music came out and all my music disappeared into the cloud, I decided to make a playlist of some of my favorite songs of the summer online. So ya,

TECHNOLOGY Tuesday #25 – 10 Future Technologies That Will Change The World

From screen-less displays to wireless electricity, Top Media take a look at 10 future technologies that will change the world.

“Once in a Blue Moon”… tonight’s rare full moon phase explained

A rare blue moon will be visible in the sky tonight for the first time in three years. The event coincides with the start of the meteor observing season which will peak in August with the Perseids meteor shower. The phenomenon occurs when there is

Eidola- “Degeneraterra” Full Album + Concept and Lyric Explanation

I know this album is truly incredible because as I sit here writing the intro to this post, I am literally at a loss for words. There are so many ways I could try to describe it, so many interpretations I could hypothesize, so many

DIY Saturday #17 – Korg Monotron Mods!

Korg themselves have put together a bunch of cool mods (some commercial, some DIY) on a “We love Monotron” page, and have gathered demos of them all together in a video appropriately called… “We love Montron”. Here are the mods: #1 Naotron: Adds a switch

UCF Students Finalists to Colonize and Spend Lives on Mars

UCF Students Finalists to Colonize and Spend Lives on Mars BY JAKE RAKOCI FEBRUARY 25, 2015 AT 3:29 PM Two UCF students are hoping to spend the rest of their lives on Mars. George W. Hatcher and Taranjeet Singh Bhatia, both UCF doctoral students,

DIY Saturday #13 – JUST DO IT…YOURSELF! 100 links to DYI TUTORIALS!

LEARN NEW THINGS TODAY!  DO IT YOURSELF! Expert Village: One of the biggest how-to sites on the Web, this site is home to hundreds of thousands of videos on an infinitely broad spectrum of topics. With categories like business, finance, home repair, and computers and tech, this site has