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Bandcamp Adventures 10: #IndieRock

After a long break (again) Bandcamp Adventures are back! This week, we’ll be looking a the Indie Rock tag. Something that I’m recently getting into after finally listening to bands like From Indian Lakes and Lydia. Expect a lot of music in this list resembling

Phosphorescent – “Wolves” (Live on KEXP 2009 video)

Phosphorescent – Wolves (Live on KEXP) compare to the studio version below

THREADS Thursday #19- Official Crown of Laurel Clothing

Official Crown of Laurel, (otherwise known as Official) was founded in 2007 with the concept of creating premium headwear with skate, street and DIY fashion influences. Team members include skaters like Jamie Thomas and Miles Silvas. Official has collaborated with with DC Shoes Europe, Ben

Alice In Chains – Heaven Beside You (Music Videos and Lyrics)

Lyrics: Be what you wanna be See what you came to see Been what you wanna be I don’t like what I see Like the coldest winter chill Heaven Beside you, Hell within Like the coldest winter chill Heaven beside you, Hell within Like the

The anatomy of Taylor Swift’s new “Style” (VOX)

Taylor Swift’s new video for “Style,” just one of three of Swift’s songs currently in the Billboard top 20, completes Taylor’s evolution from country to pop. But what is pop? Vox broke down both the musical and music video anatomy of “Style” to find out. Voiceover:

10 Mistakes Bands and Musicians Make

The author of this article is David Hooper is the founder of and host of the syndicated radio show, Music Business Radio.  He specializes in direct response and new media marketing. If you want to get a record deal, get people to your shows, or sell music

DIY Saturday #19- The SoundCheck: Keeping The 239 Music Scene Alive

This idea was conceived by Cape Coral‘s own Christina Giordano. When I first heard about this, I was so excited to see someone actually involved in our local music scene again. What I didn’t know was how hard she would continue to work to consistently

Kevin Gates Live in Fort Myers!

A long overdue appearance by Kevin Gates in my little hometown of Fort Myers, Florida. The event will happen April 5th at Harborside Event Center Get your tickets NOW before they sell out! #IDGT Here’s a Kevin Gates Playlist to get ready for the show!

MUST SEE! Monday #25- Kendrick Lamar Freestyle

To commemorate the 18 year anniversary of the death of Christopher Wallace (Notorious B.I.G.), Kendrick Lamar spit a freestyle over the beat to Biggie’s track, “The What”. It happened on Big Boy’s radio show on Real 92.3 in L.A. To say the least, you can