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What’s the difference between a remix, bootleg, edit, VIP and other mixes?

Remix = new mix of a song, when stems (official samples of different recording tracks like the melody, bass, drums, etc.) are provided. Bootleg = remix using the raw song, no stems. Some mashups are called bootlegs. Flip = basically a remix or a bootleg

Rig Rundown: Periphery

Periphery is one of my favorite bands and is comprised of some of the best musicians on their respective instruments. The guitarists especially have rigs that would make anyone jealous. Each guitarist has a plethora of different guitars for their sets, ranging from 6 strings to 8 strings.

MUST SEE! Monday #21 – “Spring Weekend” Music Festival 2015!!!

Spring Weekend tickets are officially back on sale after early-birds tickets sold out in less than 24 hours last week. If you need any more reason to purchase tickets now, we’ve got your 10 best ones right here! 1. Tickets are cheaper than ever: you just