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TECHNOLOGY Tuesday #23 – C.H.I.P. — The World’s First $9 Computer

If you thought the $35 Raspberry Pi 2 was a small and cheap computer, think again. Next Thing Co.’s open-source C.H.I.P. is an even smaller barebones microcomputer that only costs $9. C.H.I.P. is a computer. It’s tiny and easy to use. C.H.I.P. does computer things.

DIY Saturday #5 – Homemade Mosquito Trap

A homemade mosquito trap that really works! Items needed: 1 cup of water 1/4 cup of brown sugar 1 gram of yeast 1 2-liter bottle HOW: 1. Cut the plastic bottle in half. 2. Mix brown sugar with hot water. Let cool. When cold, pour in the

DIY Saturday #4 – Top 10 DIY laptop stands (lifehacker)

At some point you will notice your laptop will over heat if it doesn’t get cool air to the fans. Most laptop stands are expensive, ugly, or nonfunctional. The peeps over at put together a collection of DIY laptop stands. Check it out and