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“Record, Perform, Repeat”- Interview with Kurt Travis

Kurt Travis is one of the busiest people in the music scene right now. Every time I turn around he’s touring with a new set of bands. Along with his solo project he has two other groups (Eternity Forever and Push Over) that he’s currently

Interview with Bleubird (Florida Hip Hop)

  N: When I first met you it was at a Yoni Wolf show. How did you link up with him? B: “I’ve been friends with Yoni for years and years. We met in the early 2000’s back in the Anticon days. I was a fan

TECHNOLOGY Tuesday #29: Portland Uses Water Pipes That Generate Electricity!

Portland company Lucid Energy came up with the revolutionary idea of harnessing their energy from small turbines in their city’s water pipes. Right now one of the city’s main pipelines is using Lucid pipes to send energy to the grid. Although this system can’t power the entire

WHEELS Wednesday #9 – RYCA Motorcycles (Cafe racer kits)

RYCA featured in the July Issue of Popular Mechanics. Read more… Jay Leno interviews the guys from RYCA, takes a tour of the shop, and gives a full ride review of the CS-1 Cafe Racer. Susan Carpenter of the Los Angeles Times takes the CS-1

DIY Saturday #7 : Photography/Videography

Want to learn how to become the next best film maker/photographer? A DSLR and other digital cameras are now entering the hands of more and more people everyday! Music videos, independent films, and Instagram models are all benefiting from these revolutionary reflex designed camera’s that

DIY Saturday #1 Plastic bottle reuse ideas

Saturdays we will bring you inspiration to start some new projects. This week I will share a few links to some collections of plastic bottle reuses. It doesn’t have to be for just art or organization, people are making houses out of this recyclable “garage.”