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Bandcamp Adventures 11: #Emo

The Emo tag is definitely something that has been prevalent throughout most of my previous bandcamp adventures. Something that can encompass a wide spectrum of sounds (not emo as a genre), the emo bandcamp tag should be a gold mind. So check out some bands

Bandcamp Adventures 10: #IndieRock

After a long break (again) Bandcamp Adventures are back! This week, we’ll be looking a the Indie Rock tag. Something that I’m recently getting into after finally listening to bands like From Indian Lakes and Lydia. Expect a lot of music in this list resembling

Artist Spotlight- Touche Amore

The first time this band came to my attention, unfortunately, my attention was elsewhere. I was at a show and they were opening. I remember being impressed but I was waiting for Circa Survive, and frankly it was a time when I was a bit

Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence (Official Vs. Remastered Music Video)

I like the full hard synth sounds of the original mix and like the grain in both the video and song…they ruined the vibez in the remaster is you ask me…listen for yourself… Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence (Official Music Video) Vs. Depeche Mode