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TECHNOLOGY Tuesday #39: Asus VivoPC X

If you’ve been looking into virtual reality games I’m sure you’ve found that most of your options take up a ton of space or are just plain inconvenient.  Being forced to set up a headset right next to your computer doesn’t work for everyone. Especially

10 Games Announced at E3 That Should Be on Your Radar

Every summer, thousands of video game fans, journalists, and developers flock to Los Angeles for the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). During this press event, publishing studios reveal new games they are working on or provide updates on games that are due to release in

TECHNOLOGY Tuesday #34 – Teal Tech News #2: Our favorite E3 unveils

Battlefield 1 Brandon: Shooter games based off of the world wars are typically my favorite. And as far as “mainstream” shooter games go, Battlefield games are definitely my favorite. Needless to say, I’m excited for this! The atmosphere of games set in this time period are

TECHNOLOGY Tuesday #33 – Weekly Wrap Up

First, in the gaming realm, Mortal Combat developer NetherRealm is rumored to be working on Injustice: Gods Among Us 2. According to a report citing anonymous sources, the game will use the same game engine as Mortal Combat X. If this game is in fact

TECHNOLOGY Tuesday #32 – Chronicles of Elyria, the next “big” MMO or the next big flop?

Chronicles of Elyria is an ambitious massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMO) being developed by Soulbound Studios based in Bellevue, WA. The small team, currently comprised of 16 game company veterans, is attempting to create an MMO that will redefine how people perceive the genre. The team

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Announced (Trailer)

Dragon Ball fans rejoice! Bandai Namco dropped a trailer earlier today announcing the video game Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, the follow up the last spring’s DB: Xenoverse. The original saw you create your own Saiyan, using your character to travel through time and relive classic DBZ

Duelyst – Impressions (Free to Play / Beta)

Duelyst is a free to play game developed by Counterplay Games for PC and Mac. Duelyst fuses the easily accessible strategy of Hearthstone with the intricacies of a turn based real time strategy game like Final Fantasy Tactics. While still in beta, the game play itself

FREE VSTi SYNTHS – Tyrell Nexus 6 (download versions 1, 2, and 3!)

This “little synth that could” has an interesting backstory. It was conceived via a reader survey for online magazine By the time it was decided that making the concept a hardware version would be too expensive, u-he founder Urs Heckmann volunteered his skills to