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Bandcamp Adventures 10: #IndieRock

After a long break (again) Bandcamp Adventures are back! This week, we’ll be looking a the Indie Rock tag. Something that I’m recently getting into after finally listening to bands like From Indian Lakes and Lydia. Expect a lot of music in this list resembling

Bandcamp Adventures #3 – “Math Rock”

In this week’s Bandcamp Adventures we’ll be taking a look at music with the “Math Rock” tag. Math rock is a genre that typically features guitars heavily and is fairly rhythmically complex (hence math rock). Some are more complex than others, but each math rock band

Aesop Rock’s New Album Stream Set to Mini Remake of The Shining

Aesop Rock came on to the music scene in the year 2000 and it was very clear to anyone who listened that he was going to change the game. His first major album, Float, was partially self produced and featured other artists like Dose One.

Underground Band Feature: Of Fact and Fiction

Of Fact and Fiction is a djenty metalcore band from Tillamook, Oregon. Their debut EP “Totem” was independently released the summer of 2015. The four piece delivers and aggressive and melodic take on metalcore and add some “djenty” riffs to really get the groove going. Clocking

TECHNOLOGY Tuesday #29: Portland Uses Water Pipes That Generate Electricity!

Portland company Lucid Energy came up with the revolutionary idea of harnessing their energy from small turbines in their city’s water pipes. Right now one of the city’s main pipelines is using Lucid pipes to send energy to the grid. Although this system can’t power the entire

Interview With Joey Rubenstein (Icarus The Owl)

Icarus The Owl are releasing their fourth album, “Pilot Waves” in just a few hours. Their singer/guitar player Joey Rubenstein was nice enough to sit down with me the other day and answer some questions. Get familiar with Icarus The Owl: N: Where are you

Icarus The Owl- “I Am The DeLorean” Music Video

Portland natives Icarus the Owl just signed to our friends at Blue Swan Records earlier this year. They have their third full length album, “Pilot Waves” coming out 10/16/15. This is the music video for the second single off that album. Stay tuned for more with

Deschutes Brewery

In my opinion, one of the best drinks to have when you want to relax is a nice cold draft. Whether you’re chilling at home or out with friends “Deschutes” in Bend, Oregon is one of your best options. A couple othet varieties include the

Nick’s Top 20 Under Rated Albums Part 1

(1) The Mars Volta- “De-Loused in the Comatorium”: I still remember the first time I ever heard this record, and I’ll probably never forget it. Unfortunately, the members’ old band, At the Drive In (who was great, absolutely) get most of the credit for “revolutionizing