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Florida Post-Hardcore is Alive and Well: Interview with Tiberius

There are so many good bands that come out of Florida that its hard to compete at a local level. I’ve had the chance to watch these guys grow and mature musically over the years. From projects such as Scientist VS Werewolf and Hawks with

Eidola Interview (Part 1): Andrew & James

I had the privilege to meet with Andrew and James of Eidola before their tour kickoff with Oranges and Vis in Seattle last week. We talked about all sorts of topics ranging from their growth and the public reception to “Degeneraterra”, the impact online music groups has had on

Rig Rundown: Nick Olson of Avoid the Void

Nick Olson plays guitar in Seattle melodic metalcore band Avoid the Void. He is one of the best guitarists I know personally, and has one hell of a rig. Attached are two videos. One of which is Nick running through his rig, and the other

Nickelodeon Launching New Channel for 90’s Favorites

The time has finally come that all of us 80’s and 90’s babies have been waiting for. Nickelodeon has decided to create a channel specifically dedicated to our favorite 90’s cartoons. Staples like Hey Arnold!, Ahh! Real Monsters, Doug, Rugrats, Rocket Power, CatDog, and Rocko’s

#TBT- Top 90’s Nickelodeon Shows Part 1

“Doug”– Ran from 1991-1994 (ABC reboot from 1996-2000): What can’t be said about doug that wasn’t awesome? His best friend was named Skeeter, he was in love with a girl named Patti Mayonnaise, and he had an awesome dog named porkchop. Most of us could relate

TECHNOLOGY Tuesday #16- DJ NICK FURY (Orlando, FL)

Nick Ortiz A.K.A. DJ Nick Fury has been D.J.’ing for about 8 years now. He started his way up from small house parties, to bars, into clubs and gaining major club residencies in Orlando. THEN came the transition into festivals and concert openings. “I started


The next installment of my monthly playlists. A little something to start your weekend off right! HERE’S my October playlist in case you missed it! Track Listing: 1. Hucci- “Rose Gold” EP 2. Gabrielle Aplin- “Panic Chord” Hucci Remix 3. Meek Mill- “House Party” feat