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Bandcamp Adventures 10: #IndieRock

After a long break (again) Bandcamp Adventures are back! This week, we’ll be looking a the Indie Rock tag. Something that I’m recently getting into after finally listening to bands like From Indian Lakes and Lydia. Expect a lot of music in this list resembling


Following the momentum of their debut single “Mosquitoes” in December, Luke Seymoup and his band have delivered their next offering in the form of “Doing Dishes”. This is a Springsteen-influenced punk song that won’t disappoint. This track has been a live staple for the band since it’s inception

Bandcamp Adventures 5 – #PopPunk

With new Blink-182 as well as a slew of pop punk bands cropping up everywhere, Pop Punk is most definitely dead. Not really, it’s the opposite. While I’m by no means a pop punk expert, I’ve been known to posi jump and write songs about

Benjamin Watts releases progressive house track “Odyssey” with Mesmasounds

Benjamin Watts delivers a huge track for Mesmasounds’ tenth release. This track will surely capture your ear with its super-progressive melody and superb sound design. Beatpoprt Release Date: 19 August 2016 General Release Date: 2 September 2016 Release Number: MSMA010 Mesmasounds is a label dedicated

FREE EVENT!!!: Phoenix Jagger & Phriends | July 4th Edition | Monkey Bar Beachside |

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