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Bandcamp Adventures 9: #MathPop

This week’s Bandcamp Adventures will be looking at music tagged with the Math Pop tag! Enjoy! – 1 – Alban B. Clay (2014) – The Slaughterhouse 5 Denmark tags: alternative, rock, art rock, alternative pop, alternative rock, death pop, math pop, math rock Tim Brown (Icarus

MY 10 FAVORITE ALBUMS: Tim Brown (Icarus the Owl)

Tim Brown plays guitar does some singing in the Progressive Rock/Pop Punk/Indie band Icarus the Owl, one of our favorites from Blue Swan Records (although really every band on that label are our favorites). He was also a member of Vox Vocis and released a

Underground Band Feature: Meteor City

Have you ever just sat there wanting to listen to something new but not knowing what exactly you wanted out of a band? Usually, that itch is barely satisfied for me by scrolling through my iTunes libaray, bandcamp, and YouTube until I find something cool to listen

Just Released | Andrés (formerly Terra Alive) – “Darth Binks”

Yesterday, Andrés (formerly Terra Alive) released his first song after being re-branded, “Darth Binks”! The song is the first single for his debut album under the new name. For those worried that the project will be changing, it wont. According to Andrés himself when asked about

Photo: Geoffrey Smith II

Just Released | Save Us From The Archon – ‘la notte I: across the glass’

Save Us From The Archon just released their latest track off of their upcoming album “L’Eclisse” titled “la notte I: across the glass”. It will be released in eight days on March 18th through Tragic Hero Records. This track yet again fails to disappoint fans of the

Interview with Gat$ (Tampa)

Gat$ is an indie hip hop artist from Tampa, Florida. I got a chance to see him perform in my hometown of Fort Myers a few years ago and I was extremely impressed. He had a really dark vibe and absolutely commanded the crowd. It

Save Us From The Archon signed to Tragic Hero Records

In addition to announcing being a part of Intervals’ North American spring tour, Pennsylvania native Math Rock band Save Us From The Archon announced their signing to Tragic Hero Records. They will be releasing a new full length LP on 3/18. Save Us From The Archon

Intervals Spring North American Tour

This absolute dream of a progressive metal tour (feat. some super solid math rock) was just announced today. Intervals (Aaron Marshall) will be touring the US and Canada with support from Plini, Angel Vivaldi, and Save Us From The Archon. All of which are absolutely

Underground Band Feature: Fearless Leader

Finding new bands is always great. It’s especially great when you find bands from your area you never knew existed. Fearless Leader is one such case. The Math Rock – Post Hardcore band from Seattle, WA was a recent find for me, although they impressed me right out