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It’s Cinco de Cuatro!

It’s Cinco de Cuatro! Which for the non-initiated, is a fictional holiday created in one of our favorite TV series, Arrested Development as the Bluth family’s response to Cinco de Mayo. As such, in the spirit of this fictional holiday, we at Teal Cheese would like

Archer- Season 6 Premiere on Netflix 3/29 & Season 7 Premiere on FX 3/31

Somehow this show just never gets old. I can seriously watch each season over and over and it’s just as funny as the first time. The premise (for those that somehow still haven’t seen it) is that Archer (voice by H. Jon Benjamin) is the

TECHNOLOGY Tuesday #24 – Korg Miku Guitar Pedal Review (Anderton’s Music Co.)

Rob & the Captain of Anderton’s Music Co. struggle to hold it together through this review of the Korg Miku, the weirdest guitar pedal ever. And if we haven’t completely put you off of buying this pedal then you can do so by going here

Nirvana Live At The MTV Video Music Awards 1992 1080p HD

The king of the 90’s grunge scene, Kurt Cobain, shocked everyone at the ’92 VMA’s when he began singing “Rape Me” (the ONE song MTV asked him not to play) before a very confused band paused and began playing “Lithium”. Krist Novoselic knocking himself out with

MUST SEE! Monday #30- MTV2 Bringing Back Celebrity Deathmatch!

Claymation versions of famous people battling it out in a wrestling ring until some kind of brutal death similar to that of a finishing move from Mortal Kombat? That’s not an acid trip or a nightmare, that’s just late ’90’s T.V. Celebrity Deathmatch first aired in

What if Batman: The Animated Series was produced by Lucasfilm?

In an alternate reality 1992, the creators of Batman: The Animated Series were approached by Lucasfilm to rejigger their cartoon such that the show would A.) make a thrillion dollars; and B.) not make a lick of sense whatsoever. Dean Fraser’s Star Wars : Empire

MUST SEE! Monday #14 – DMX vs the slingshot (Orlando, FL)

MUST SEE! Monday #13 – SEMI-TRUCK HUALING CANE VS TRAIN (Wreck In Mer Rouge, LA 10/05/14)

“new djs be like”…lol…the lady’s voice is priceless.