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“Record, Perform, Repeat”- Interview with Kurt Travis

Kurt Travis is one of the busiest people in the music scene right now. Every time I turn around he’s touring with a new set of bands. Along with his solo project he has two other groups (Eternity Forever and Push Over) that he’s currently

In Angles – “Idlehands” Video Premiere

Today, Esque Records band In Angles are premiering their music┬ávideo for the song “Idlehands”. The opening track from their recently released record┬áCascading Home, the song is a burst of emotional post-hardcore, with lyrics that touch upon themes of stagnancy and heartache. The video itself touches

Interview with Lauren Travis on Esque Records

Esque Records began as a joking daydream and has been brought to life by Kurt and Lauren Travis. Esque currently has seven artists signed and no two of them sound the same. With genres from math rock, hip hop, acoustic indie and almost everything in