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City Tucker Freestyles on 104.5 The Beat

Orlando’s very own City Tucker Freestyles on The Luniz”I Got 5 On It” instrumental brought to you by 104.5  The beats‘ Freestyle Friday. City Tucker says ” I’m so rare I came out the package holographic”  Peep the video below!

Who is DJ Cerino?

When/why did you become a DJ/producer? “My dad was a DJ and he gave me thousands of vinyl records, a pair of Technics, and a mixer when I was about 15. I didn’t really know what to make of all of it, but I dug through

Underground Band Feature: Spirant

Spirant is a relatively new progressive rock band from Charleston, South Carolina. They just released their debut demo EP, “We Were Kids Once” last night (2 – 21 – 2016). The EP features three instrumental tracks, “Begin”, “Median”, and “Conclude”. Each of these instrumental tracks were

Duelyst – Impressions (Free to Play / Beta)

Duelyst is a free to play game developed by Counterplay Games for PC and Mac. Duelyst fuses the easily accessible strategy of Hearthstone with the intricacies of a turn based real time strategy game like Final Fantasy Tactics. While still in beta, the game play itself

THREADS Thursday #8 – Fashion Dos and Don’ts With A$AP Rocky Hip-hop artist A$AP Rocky is definitely into fashion. And he wants to share some of the basics with you.