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Kidd Kwest Talks Debut EP, “DERTY”

It’s been a few months since we’ve heard much from Kidd Kwest. Other than his recent sporadic release of the “Derty Summer Mix” the last we saw him was back in June when he played one of his best shows ever to a packed out crowd

Bugzy Lavoe- “Ratchet Pastor Lavoe” Album Review

The first time I ever heard Bugzy Lavoe‘s music was a little over a year ago. I was searching through soundcloud and happened upon a track titled “Lavoelife Finese.” All of a sudden I had just found the greatest party music ever! It was like

Blackbear- “IDFC” Sevnth Wonder Remix

This is another great track that’s been around a while and is still getting great remixes. One of the better Blackbear mixes I’ve heard. Listen to Sevnth Wonder’s take on “IDFC” below:

Artist Spotlight: ℒund

Mixing hip hop stylings and a combo of R&B and hard rap lyrics with the sounds of the ever more familiar chill wave movement. At first listen all I heard were hypnotizing beats. Then after about the third spin I began to pay attention to

Kidd Kwest Releases “Derty Summer Mix”

Fort Myers local and friend of Teal Cheese, Kidd Kwest, after much anticipation released the mix he’s been working so tirelessly on. Derty Summer Mix is made up of nine different songs. Yet the project translates perfectly into a seamless 15 minute track. It includes portions

FREE VSTi SYNTHS – Tyrell Nexus 6 (download versions 1, 2, and 3!)

This “little synth that could” has an interesting backstory. It was conceived via a reader survey for online magazine By the time it was decided that making the concept a hardware version would be too expensive, u-he founder Urs Heckmann volunteered his skills to

Nick’s #TRAP Playlist

My random assortment of music helps to keep me sane. In the hopes it can do the same for you: here’s a mix of trap tracks that I listen to on a daily basis to and from work. The #ROCK playlist is coming soon!