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XXXTentacion Debuts on Billboard Hot 100 Chart with “Look at Me!”

In a world of over produced poppy music emgeres a 19 year old south Florida rapper XXXTentacion. His main push is a single called “Look At Me” which has just entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The track features aggressive post-hardcore inspired vocals with Rojas

MUST SEE! Monday #31: LeMieuX- “Retro”

It’s more of a “MUST HEAR” this week. This is brand new track by LeMieuX: one half of the production duo The Silence Killers. This is a guy I’m used to hearing hip hop beats from so this was a particularly interesting find. This 9

PARTYTIME Friday #18- KIDD KWEST’S 2014 Recap Playlist!

Kidd Kwest has been a very good friend and supporter of Teal Cheese from the very beginning. One of my first posts, if not THE first post I wrote was my interview with him. It seemed only natural to ask him to make a playlist