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Too Reel: Underrated Movies from 1994

We simple humans see time linearly. Some physicists speculate that time is much more complex than we’ve thus far come to understand. That it is only one dimension among many in this grand ol’ universe among infinite universes. Others even theorize that the entire universe

Too Reel: Underrated Movies from 1992

Why do we seek nostalgia? Is it really because things were better back then? Are we that dissatisfied with the present? In many ways, a number of us truly could be. It seems, though, that every generation yearns for the nostalgia of their own era. Perhaps because

Too Reel: Underrated Movies from 1991

Here we are again, diving back into the nostalgia of childhood and the thrill of seeking out the great gems we may have missed when we were too young to fully grasp the marks they made on the entertainment world. There’s been a rising trend

Too Reel: Underrated Movies from 1990

Probably the best year in all of existence: 1990 (or the year I was born in) marked a major turning point in pop-culture. Gone were the vibrant 80’s and in came the grungey, dad-jeans-wearing, middle-class-mullet-having, mainstream-gangsta-rap-laden, kids-show-golden-age 90’s. We’ve already discussed a few video games

The BFG- Movie Trailer

Holy childhood dreams come true: The BFG adapted into a movie! One of Roald Dahl‘s very best books being made into a major motion picture. It’s no surprise that Steven Spielberg signed on to direct what will clearly be one of the biggest family films of 2016.

#TBT- Bayside- 15th Birthday Tour with Senses Fail, Man Overboard, and Seaway

I’ve loved Bayside ever since middle school so I’ve gone to most of the tours that have made their way to Florida. This was my sixth or seventh time seeing them and it was the first stop on their 15th Birthday Tour. It also happened

What if Batman: The Animated Series was produced by Lucasfilm?

In an alternate reality 1992, the creators of Batman: The Animated Series were approached by Lucasfilm to rejigger their cartoon such that the show would A.) make a thrillion dollars; and B.) not make a lick of sense whatsoever. Dean Fraser’s Star Wars : Empire

PARTYTIME Friday #6 – The Mighty Ducks and D2: The Mighty Ducks on NETFLIX

#NETLFIX The Red screen is filling more and more homes everyday.  With the convenience of online streaming and the luxury of DVD’s being sent through the mail, Netflix is proving they are here to entertain by bringing back two classic Disney Movies. The Mighty Ducks  D2: The

MUST SEE! Monday #6 – Robin Williams leaves the world today at 63

RIP Robin Williams 1951-2014 Comedian Robin Williams has died and they are ruling it a suicide. Oscar-winning actor Robin Williams died at age 63, the Marin County County Sheriff’s office confirmed on Monday evening. Cause of death is suspected to be suicide. The office said that