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Migos – To Hotty

Migos is really the new Beatles. The energy and chemistry they share as a group is unparalleled, each member brings something unique to the table, and they each can stand on their own in solo tracks.  Having the best year of the career, coming off

Young Enigma: 5 Artists Pushing Hip-Hops Boundaries

In the beginning, the creation of Hip-Hop was a simple endeavor. It’s humble beginnings of spinning records and looping drum breaks have grown to encompass so many different sounds and styles, so many unique perspectives with their own story to tell. While today’s hip-hop has

Migos – C U L T U R E Review

The cultural rise of the Atlanta rap trio Migos has been nothing short of a success story. A co-sign from Drake in the form of a verse on their track Versace brought them into the spotlight, and a constant stream of quality mixtapes helped build

Childish Gambino on ‘Atlanta’ Beautifully Breaks the Rules (Review)

Tonight was the night. Atlanta, the long awaited TV show helmed by (my idol) Donald Glover, also known as rapper Childish Gambino, premiered on FX. A full year of anticipation and curiousity have lead us to this moment, and the first two episodes truly live

Hail the Sun – Burn Nice and Slow (The Formative Years)

Hail the Sun just released a new track off of their sophomore full length, “Culture Scars”! The album will be out on June 17th with pre orders available now (Link below)! Also catch them on Vans Warped Tour (6/24-7/16) in addition to some headliner dates before

7 Brands Running Modern Streetwear

It wasn’t until my junior year of high school that I found myself diving into the world of fashion, and what drew me to streetwear was its deeply invested roots within hip-hop culture. Growing up the rise of artists like Kanye West (Adidas) and Pusha T (Playcloths)

Jakey S.F.T.S & Nylon Dreams (Fort Myers, FL) Interview

I was fortunate enough to watch Jakey S.F.T.S perform last year at a Teal Cheese event. It was his first show ever and to say I was impressed is an understatement. This is an artist who knows how to command a crowd and convey feelings in

Future Drops “Purple Reign”

This is the newest mixtape in a seemingly endless stream of hits by one of my personal favorites, Future. It doesn’t hurt that super producers DJ Esco & Metro Boomin were at the helm of this project. Listen to “Purple Reign” in it’s entirety below: Check out Future

G-Eazy “These Things Happen” Album Stream

Almost exactly a year ago a relatively unknown hip hop artist named G-Eazy dropped a full length that’s probably one of the best West Coast rap albums (Kendrick aside) within the last five years. Listen to the full album below: G- Eazy– “These Things Happen” Track Listing 1.