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Lo-Fi and DIY: Interview with Talking Forever

In a world full of over produced music, Houston’s Talking Forever is bringing back the lo-fi sound we miss so much. There’s something to be said for a band who records an album completely on their own. It’s not an easy task and I spoke with

MY 10 FAVORITE ALBUMS: Rocky Nelson (Crimson Arrow)

*Main Image Provided by: @brownmetal (Michael-Rex Carbonell) Rocky Nelson is the lead singer of Houston, TX progressive rock band Crimson Arrow who we’ve worked with before. In addition to singing in Crimson Arrow, Rocky has a solo project (called Rocky Nelson). His project’s debut album, Two Hearts, is set to be

Crimson Arrow Interview, Part 2 of 2

Where we left off in my conversation with Rocky Nelson and Jon Januhowski of Crimson Arrow, the band members had just walked me through the meticulous recording process of their album Living In Still Frames, and talked about some of the struggles of perfectionism from a

Crimson Arrow Interview, Part 1 of 2

Houston rock band Crimson Arrow is an exemplification of contrasts, blending the passionate emotions of post-hardcore with the visceral rawness of indie rock, to create a sound that feels fresh yet intimate. In advance of the release of their album Living In Still Frames, out