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“Soundtrack to a Story”- Interview with Vague Advice

Vague Advice is a band from Pennsylvania. If you haven’t heard about them, they’re sure to be everywhere soon enough. They took on the lofty task of writing a full concept EP. The concept? It has to do with time travel…and the nuclear apocalypse? I

7 Emo Holiday Songs

For those of us who are tired of hearing the same 2 versions of the same handful of songs on the radio, while we’re shopping, on T.V., and pretty much everywhere else. Luckily for us some of our favorite bands have given us a new

Desaparecidos To Release First New Album In 13 Years

Back in 2002, Bright Eyes frontman Conor Oberst put out a punk, post hardcore (ish) album with a side project called Desaparecidos. “Read Music/Speak Spanish” was the only album the band ever released and their touring was sparse. It was one of the few projects